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Management Experience for Your MBA Application: Necessary or Cherry on Top?

By - Feb 4, 19:23 PM   Comments [0]

If you’re thinking about applying to business school, you may be wondering if you need management experience to do it. There are many factors that MBA programs consider when evaluating applicants, and your professional track record certainly plays a key role. In fact, some schools...

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Master of Finance Deadlines: September 2019 Intake

By - Feb 1, 14:25 PM   Comments [0]

If you’ve been considering a Master of Finance degree, but haven’t applied yet, you still have a chance to start in September 2019. However, you’ll have to act fast if you want to be competitive! MFin programs are usually contained within a university’s business school,...

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Admissionado’s Guide to Navigating Rolling Admissions

By - Jan 29, 08:25 AM   Comments [0]

Deadlines are stressful things. You etch the date into your mind, and it begins to loom over everything in your life. You may feel a lurching in your stomach late at night, or look back with regret at a carefree weekend that ought to have...

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U.S. Government Shutdown: Will this affect university admissions?

By - Jan 25, 11:02 AM   Comments [0]

Cable news hysterics aside, government shutdowns are usually brief, quotidian frustrations that ruin a few vacations in national parks and give government employees some paid days off.  However, as the longest government shutdown in U.S. history stretches near a month, some of our clients have...

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R3 & R4 MBA Deadlines (2019)

By - Jan 23, 13:29 PM   Comments [0]

January may be the peak of the MBA application season, but it’s definitely not the end. In the traditional three-round U.S. MBA application season, the next batch of deadlines would be “Round 3” around the end of March (Round 1 was mid-September, Round 2 early...

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“Should I Write My Own Recommendation Letter?”

By - Jan 16, 05:24 AM   Comments [0]

Maybe your recommender of choice is just too busy right now, or maybe you’re not so confident in their ability to get it done, or to do it well. Besides, you know how your solid your work has been, you know your own strengths, you...

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3 Tips for Non-Traditional MBA Applicants

By - Jan 11, 10:00 AM   Comments [0]

Most MBA applicants come from traditional “business” backgrounds, that is, accounting, management consulting, sales, or finance and investment banking. However, a lot also come from non-traditional backgrounds, including engineering, computer science, healthcare, and many others. These applicants are often nervous that their non-traditional background makes...

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Is An MBA In Your Future? Here’s How To Prepare NOW.

By - Jan 9, 07:56 AM   Comments [0]

So, you’re a spritely recent college graduate, or maybe you’ve already been crushing it as a ‘real’ adult, and you’ve decided that you want to go to b-school in some years. Firstly, congrats on coming to this epiphany sooner rather than later! Setting your sights...

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You Need an MBA Internship, Here’s Why

By - Jan 2, 14:02 PM   Comments [0]

Congratulations! You’ve landed your dream school! Your family’s thrilled, and after months of preparation and many bottles of champagne, you’ve arrived on campus and are ready to LEARN. “So long application process, you cruel mistress.” But wait, what’s this? Internships? I need to apply? Yes my...

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Last Call for Essay Editing Packages (12/28)!

By - Dec 24, 10:55 AM   Comments [0]

Friday, December 28, 2018 – Last Call For Essay Editing Packages! Those deadlines are right around the corner, but there IS still time to perfect your applications. Don’t risk it alone. Get expert eyes on the biggest element of your app – the essays – and put your best foot...

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