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Which MBA Deadline Round is Best for you?

By - Sep 9, 07:53 AM   Comments [0]

Choosing the programs to apply to is one of the first steps you will take when you decide to go after an MBA degree. Alongside that difficult decision, you must also prioritize the schools on your list. This prioritization is exactly what you are doing...

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Berkeley (Haas) Essay Analysis 2019-2020

By - Sep 4, 07:20 AM   Comments [0]

Berkeley Haas announced their 2019-20 application essay prompts, and it’s a complete shake-up: two new topics for both required essays. We predict these new questions will be some of the harder ones on the circuit this year, particularly the enigmatic essay #1: What makes you feel...

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INSEAD Essay Analysis 2019-2020

By - Sep 2, 06:21 AM   Comments [0]

Ah, INSEAD, one of the longest applications in the MBA admissions world. This year the topics are more or less the same as last year… three main essays and a series of “job description” short answer questions that are basically little essays in themselves. It’s a...

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MBA Program Deadlines 2019-2020

By - Aug 30, 07:40 AM   Comments [0]

If you’re thinking of applying to an MBA this year, check out this list of upcoming deadlines for some of the top MBA programs, and get moving! Harvard Business School: September 4, 2019 (Round 1) and January 6, 2020 (Round 2). The application will open...

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Yale (SOM) Essay Analysis 2019-2020

By - Aug 28, 05:02 AM   Comments [0]

The essay prompt on the Yale SOM application is a bit intimidating. They ask for your biggest commitment… professional? Personal? Philosophical? You won’t get much additional explanation from the Yale adcom, but that doesn’t mean you can just write whatever you want! Here’s what our years working...

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Wharton (UPenn) Essay Analysis 2019-2020

By - Aug 27, 03:18 AM   Comments [0]

When you’re one of the top dogs, you don’t have to change with the times. That’s why Harvard and Stanford have been using the same essay prompts for years, and that’s why Wharton can afford to do the same.  Wharton’s back with the same two...

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Duke (Fuqua) Essay Analysis 2019-2020

By - Aug 23, 03:45 AM   Comments [0]

Duke Fuqua‘s essay prompts are some of the most fun on the circuit, but they’re also quite challenging. Not only are they very idiosyncratic and a bit hard to parse, they’re also surprisingly long. “Two required essays” sounds simple until you realize that the length limit...

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What’s the Difference Between a Resume and a CV (and Which Should I Use)?

By - Aug 21, 08:03 AM   Comments [0]

If you’re navigating the confusing landscape of graduate school admissions, you know that one of the main components of your application is a resume or a CV. But, you’ve probably seen by now that some programs ask for a resume, some ask for a CV,...

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How to Leverage the Unique Advantages of Being a Chinese Applicant

By - Aug 20, 07:03 AM   Comments [0]

In the first article of this two-part series, we explored three unique, underutilized advantages of being a Chinese applicant to American universities. Now, we move on to the even more exciting part: how to leverage this untouched gold in your application essays.  1. Leveraging Your Diverse...

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Comparing GMAT Prep Options: Self-study v.s. In-Person & Online Tutoring

By - Aug 7, 06:12 AM   Comments [0]

Although its importance is often overstated, the GMAT is, of course, a critical factor in the MBA admissions process. While some applicants can achieve their target score without investing in any sort of GMAT prep service beyond purchasing some prep books, most applicants invest in...

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