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What Does the Adcomm Focus on When Evaluating Your MBA Candidacy?

By - Nov 18, 12:07 PM   Comments [0]

Every year, we hear of MBA admissions offers going to Olympic athletes, NASA scientists, and former White House aides. While these profiles grab the headlines, they can discourage candidates without a flashy personal or professional story. Business school applicants can’t help but fret over what...

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Pomodoro versus Big Rocks: A Productivity Smackdown

By - Nov 15, 11:13 AM   Comments [0]

Some people are always highly motivated. They never put off for tomorrow what they can do today. And they tackle all chores, projects, and tasks with efficiency and glee.  This post is not for those weirdos people. We’re looking at how to get—and stay—motivated when procrastination sits like the...

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Interview Advice from MIT Sloan Admissions

By - Nov 13, 07:29 AM   Comments [0]

It’s MBA interview season at MIT Sloan School of Management! Dawna Levenson, assistant dean of admissions, has some tips to help nervous applicants prepare for the MIT Sloan MBA interview. In previous years, Levenson has noted that the MIT Sloan adcomm interviews around 20–25% of...

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HBS Dean Nitin Nohria to Step Down in 2020

By - Nov 7, 12:49 PM   Comments [0]

Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria has announced he will step down in June 2020. This will conclude ten years of service as the school’s tenth dean. In a message to faculty, staff, students, and alumni, Nohria said the time is right for HBS to transition...

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Is an MBA Still Relevant? Definitely, According to These B-School Deans

By - Nov 6, 06:29 AM   Comments [0]

Are you contemplating an MBA for career advancement, personal development, or a career switch? You may have mixed feelings as a result of news stories covering the recent dip in applications. You might ask yourself, is an MBA still relevant? We know b-school hopefuls love...

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Surviving Your First Ding

By - Nov 4, 10:29 AM   Comments [0]

Last month, some elite business schools sent out their Round 1 interview invitations, along with “release” notices to the majority of applicants. That means thousands of MBA hopefuls around the world recently received their first big fat DING. While some people can easily shrug off this...

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What Does a Winning MBA Application Strategy Look Like Today?

By - Oct 30, 12:39 PM   Comments [0]

Many of you have probably heard about the decline in applications to US business schools. However, the booming job market and higher acceptance rates actually make it an excellent time to pursue an MBA degree. Find MBA‘s Seb Murray recently looked at what applicants should...

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7 Signs Stress at Work is Crushing Your Soul

By - Oct 28, 11:43 AM   Comments [0]

Unless you’re a Zen master yogi, everyone has occasional stress at work. But how can you tell whether what you’re feeling is garden variety workplace frustration, or a more serious depression? Scan these seven red flags to help you evaluate if your job is sucking...

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How a School Visit Affects Your MBA Chances

By - Oct 25, 07:02 AM   Comments [0]

You might have experienced a moment of panic as you began to work on your MBA applications for Round 2. It may have occurred after you took note of the January deadlines. And it could have gone something like this: “Wait a second — I...

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How Not to Tank Your MBA Admissions Interview at HBS

By - Oct 23, 10:29 AM   Comments [0]

Are you gearing up for an MBA admissions  interview at Harvard Business School? Lucky you, as HBS interviews just 25% of applicants each season.  Make sure to avoid the following faux pas during your MBA admissions interview at this prestigious business school. Don’t even think about...

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