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Harvard MBA Insights: Mansi’s Journey of Growth & Connection

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Being at business school is an extraordinary journey that truly transforms lives in numerous ways. As part of our student interview series, we always seek to understand the cherished moments and impactful aspects of our students' business school experience. Today, I am thrilled to share a glimpse of my conversation with former MER student Mansi, an exceptional candidate who graduated from Harvard Business School in 2020.

During our discussion, Mansi expressed her favorite aspects of Harvard Business School and their profound influence on her career inside and outside the classroom. Her remarkable journey at Harvard exemplifies the immense value of a supportive community, the power of learning from diverse perspectives, and the rewards that come with embracing new opportunities.

Now presenting Mansi's response to my question:

Poonam: Harvard was always your dream school. What has been your favorite thing about Harvard so far? Would you please share your best experiences in and out of the class that helped shape your career?

Mansi: My most favorite thing about Harvard so far is the community. And when I say the word ‘community,’ I am not just saying it randomly; I mean it. It starts with professors, colleagues, alumni, and everyone in the Harvard community. Most of the learning experience happens through this community. So far, my best learnings have been from conversations with people around me- my section mates, friends, and everyone. It is not like you genuinely want to learn something from them; it is just that being with them, and listening to their perspectives, even though they differ from your own, is a great learning experience.

Mansi continued,

The case study method comes into this play because the professor facilitates the discussions among your classmates, which fosters a friendly environment regarding being safe and politically correct. You immerse yourself in the case discussion, discuss it before and after the class and learn a lot from discussions with your peers. It takes time, but you can start trusting your colleagues and peers. In addition, you have the advantage of being at the HBS and having access to all these kinds of cases and knowledge you did not have earlier.”

Traveling and being with friends or peers is something I enjoy. I have traveled a lot in India and around, but traveling here is different as you start seeing things through a different lens. For example, I attended a global course in Argentina. When you travel with your friends and professors, you learn as well as enjoy. You start looking at things differently. You come from a specific background, have a perspective of your own, and want to see how you can improve certain situations. That is the kind of difference a school like Harvard can make in your personality. Whether traveling or interacting with other people, you gain a different lens and start seeing things more intellectually and experientially.

Poonam: That sounds amazing! What about inside the classroom?

“Inside the class, sometimes we also get to meet the protagonists. Meeting with them and listening to them face-to-face has been one of the best experiences, and I am truly grateful for that. I remember when Indira Noori came to our class- I have seen so many videos of her and idealized her during my MBA application process, but meeting her and being face to face with her, was a surreal experience.  I am fortunate to have met many CEOs who visited the classes.

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