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Manhattan GMAT Releases New Books in Quant and Verbal

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Manhattan GMAT is readying two new strategy supplements to expand their existing catalog of prep materials: Foundations of GMAT Verbal and Advanced GMAT Quant. Inspired by the success of Manhattan GMAT’s Foundations of GMAT Math strategy supplement, these two new books are intended to widen the range of prep available for GMAT test takers. “In our classrooms, we see firsthand the needs of GMAT students”, said Chris Ryan, Manhattan GMAT’s Vice President of Products and Instructor Development. “We witnessed a real hole in the prep book landscape, a hole that we hope the Foundations of GMAT Verbal and Advanced GMAT Quant Strategy Supplement will fill”.

Foundations of Verbal
The Foundations Of GMAT Verbal Strategy Supplement is designed as an easy-to-follow primer on the basic principles of GMAT Verbal, including grammar, logic and reading. Filled with practice problems and examples, it explains a variety of verbal topics, from subjects and predicates to lists of idioms common to the English language and the GMAT. The book also includes online access to extra banks of questions.

Advanced GMAT Quant

The Advanced GMAT Quant Strategy Supplement focuses on the other end of the spectrum. It was written for students who are already scoring a 650 or above on their practice tests, and who are consistently scoring in the 70th percentile on the quant side of the exam. It provides students who are already familiar with the concepts in Manhattan GMAT’s eight strategy guides with the advanced knowledge and skills needed to perform at the highest level on the quant section.

Both books will be available for sale starting June 1. They are available for presale this week from the Manhattan GMAT Store.