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The 3 key decisions winning MBA candidates are making right now

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Round 1 of MBA admissions is less than six months away. In working with MBA candidates over the last years, I have observed two main patterns when it comes to how they approach their MBA application efforts.

Right now, some candidates feel they have a lot of time. Early September seems far enough away. To be sure, they are not idle. They are starting test prep. They are asking for a profile evaluation on MBA discussions boards. They are engaged in activities.

Others, often advised by their friends, who learned their lesson the year before, are doing things a bit differently. They may not have achieved their target GMAT or GRE score yet but they have already taken the exam once or twice. They have identified a list of potential recommenders and are having “the talk”. They are working on their resumes. They know what steps to prioritize when. They are engaged in action.

The difference between activity and action is often the dividing line between success and failure. The number one mistake MBA candidates make is failing to take meaningful action early enough. They don’t balance their efforts across all the MBA application components.

Are you doing enough to put success in your way?

Next week, I will be running two MBA Application Spotlights for MBA candidates who want to work on their MBA application efficiently and effectively – and take real action early.

In a way, it’s like preparing everything you need to go to the gym the night before. You don't want to look for anything or use your willpower to overcome any hesitation you may have to put in the work that day. Instead, you want it to be as easy and smooth as possible.

And some endeavors call for more than just setting out your running shoes, shorts, and t-shirt. An MBA application requires more items, space, and a longer timeline than 'the night before.'

I want to help put success in your way.

Join me on April 4th or April 6th to get fully updated on what you should be doing right now to build a winning MBA candidacy in the upcoming admissions cycle.

Onwards and upwards,