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2019 Profile Eval Request

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Joined: 08 Feb 2019
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Location: United States (IN)
GMAT 1: 620 Q37 V38
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2019 Profile Eval Request  [#permalink]

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New post 05 Mar 2019, 00:49
1 - How would my profile look to adcoms? I assume white males comprise a large group, but would government/political experience put me in a smaller box?
2 - Based upon my career goals, would a T-20 part-time program be a reasonable choice?

28, White American Male

1st attempt - "semi-cold" 590: V38 Q33. Had to completely re-learn all basic mathematics, but didn't specifically prep for a test date. Signed up for the test 3 days beforehand.

2nd attempt (coming up next week) - Since test #1, I will have logged >100 hours on Magoosh's advanced 30-day prep plan. Realistically expecting a ~640 on retake.

Undergrad: Bachelors in PR at a top-100 state school. 3.15 GPA; worked full-time my Senior year in order to graduate with no debt.

Extracurriculars: Avid hiker/traveler, lift weights 5 days a week, and love adult league softball. I also spent a year in a foreign nation on a volunteer mission trip, and speak fluent Spanish. Personality-wise, I'm extremely outgoing, which I assume would be a positive during interviews.

Professional Experience (5 years):

Began as a Field Representative on a Congressional campaign, and subsequently spent a year and a half in D.C. on Capitol Hill. Was promoted to handle policy work. I was able to write (and pass in the House) my own pieces of legislation.

I then returned home to manage a winning State Senate campaign, co-founded a political consulting firm, and took over/completely revived a struggling U.S. Congressional campaign as Campaign Manager.

After election season wrapped up (peaks and valleys; money is made on even numbered years), I took a job as an Account Manager with a nationwide (but non-F500) company, co-managing this company's largest account in the Southwest region, and I directly oversee about 50 staff. I was recently told that a promotion is coming in the near future.

Rec Letters *should* be a big area of strength.

MBA Objective:
Business Consulting, Real Estate Investment, or continue to move up in Account Management. I'd also like to stay in the Southwest, South, or CA. Don't particularly want to live in D.C. again, and have no interest in New England/NYC unless career progression requires it. It's likely that I'll run for office many years down the road, so a name-brand MBA would be preferable. Minimal interest in IB as I enjoy having a work/life balance; 50-60 hours per week is fine, but not 100+/wk.

I'm getting great private sector management experience right now, and I'm hesitant to give it up. My current role is extremely portable, and re-locating to LA for b-school would be relatively easy. I also fear that anything under a Q48 will be an automatic NO from T20 programs, and in order to hit that, I'd have to quit my job to study full time.

Preferences: Texas McCombs, USC Marshall, UCLA, Rice, Florida Hough
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Joined: 30 Nov 2009
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Location: Chicago, IL
Schools: Brown University, Harvard Business School
Re: 2019 Profile Eval Request  [#permalink]

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New post 09 Mar 2019, 19:56
It will be a bit of a stretch with a 640 but I do think it's worth applying to the PT programs you named. You have strong work experience and sounds like you expect some strong LORs, which can help compensate for the GMAT (especially if they can speak to your analytical skills & comfort with numbers). Generally speaking PT programs are easier to get into than their FT counterparts, and worst case if you don't get in you can spend some more time working on the GMAT & reapply next year.

That said, you will want to refine your career goals. The adcom wants to see a singular path since that shows that you've really thought through this decision & will be positioned to use the MBA experience as thoughtfully & intentionally as possible. Your "why MBA/why our school" argument rests on your career goals, so having a singular path will also make that argument stronger. I would discourage you from talking about running for office as a post-MBA goal. That tends to be a better fit for a masters in public policy program than an MBA, and the idea of running for office can also make the adcom nervous -- basically because you can be totally qualified & still not "get the job." It's different from a more traditional business goal where even if you don't get the job at one company you can surely get one at an equally strong competitor. The adcom also does NOT want to hear about the credibility an MBA will lend. What they DO want to hear about are specific skill gaps you need to fill & what you need to LEARN.

So all of that said, I'd give it a shot this year - just do a bit more thinking about your goals so you can really nail those down.

If you'd like any help feel free to reach out to us! Claudia can set you up with a free consultation with one of our MBA consultants who can take a closer look at your material and give you some thoughts. You can reach her at
Jon Frank
Founder, Admissionado


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2019 Profile Eval Request

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