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Joined: 13 Apr 2020
Posts: 6
CAT Tests

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New post 10 Jul 2020, 22:55
Hello GMATCLUB members,

I took my first official mock exam yesterday and scored 650 ( Q48 V30 ) after approx 2 months of prep.
P.S. : I had encountered 2-3 questions during prep.

Took the initial month in concept building and theory, as I resumed studying the GMAT related stuff after more than a decade.
I've subscribed to e-GMAT and I've never prepared for GMAT in the past.

The overall issue I face is Time management and Exam pressure. ( The timer makes me anxious at times, and I rush through and make mistakes, which I most probably wouldn't make in normal conditions).
I took little more time in the initial questions, leaving me with less time for the last few questions and compelling me to do guesswork.

The sections which are most concerning are CR and RC.

I initially thought i would do great in this section, but I guess I was mistaken.
I realised that not doing effective reading for last couple of years has costed me a lot.

RC : I tend to take more than required time to read the entire passage and i don't skim or skip at all.
I try to understand the passage fully in one go, but as the passage gets denser and convoluted, i get lost. ( Esp in Economics ) .
I sort of try to do "Short term memorizing" which is effective at times but not always.
And this process eats a lot of time for question answering.
at times i end up reading a few sentences multiple times and while answering questions, getting back to passage multiple times too.
Accuracy in RC is ok, only if i have time to read and comprehend the passage, otherwise it's a wild guess.

CR :
Again, Reading and comprehending takes extra time, and error rate is high in timed conditions, coz half my mind is on the clock.
I have to accept the fact that I'm no more the fast thinker as i used to be. I tend to think in the right direction most of the times, but at times i go straight 180 degree.
Boldface and assumption are the trickiest , although CR in its entirety is a concern. Although e-GMAT's pre-thinking strategy is good, I think it would take more time and practice for me to excel in that ( I just have a month) . So I don't follow their strategy in every question.

SC : Probably the most comfortable section for me in Verbal, maybe because I invested enough time and practice in this section. I'm able to atleast attempt the questions in the given time frame. I did few silly mistakes in the mock , but I think I'll cope up with them.

Quant for surprisingly good. Maybe the questions are not that tough in the 1st mock, or maybe I'm over-contemplating.
I at times get stuck in tough questions, and lose time in trying to attempt them.
The topics of concern are :
Mean / Median
Absolute Equations
Coordinate Geometry

Materials and practice questions sources :
1. e-GMAT
2. GMAT Club OG
3. Just started with OG 19

Quant :
1. e-GMAT
2. GMAT Club

Mocks given :
1. e-GMAT Sigma mock : 550
( 22-Jun-2020)
2. Experts Global free mock : 610
( 03-Jul-2020)
3. Official Mock 1 : 650
( 10-Jul-2020)

I intend to give exam by max 10th Aug, post which I need to go for sailing.
So, effectively I have less than a month remaining.
I intend to practice OG 19 and Verbal/Quant Review 19 ( as I possess those) and give mocks in between.

I'm not so motivated right now, seeing how I'm doing in verbal , esp RC and CR.
I'm kinda lost in what strategy shall i follow ?
At what intervals shall i give mocks and which mocks shall i use ( I have 5 e-GMAT mocks, almost all prep companies free mock and 1 official mock left ) ?
Also, is it a good strategy to study/practice Quant and Verbal on alternate days ? ( so that I'm in touch with both )
i also understand that honing fast reading and comprehension skills is not an overnight process.

I can devote at least 6 hrs a day for the preparation ( as I'm not doing anything else right now).

So folks, given that you have a lot of experience and knowledge in the field, if you can suggest some tips/ potential strategies to help me cope up the shortcomings which i mentioned above, those would be of a great help for me.
Kindly share some insights so that I can make the most of the time I have.
I'm not sure whether I'd be able to make it up without your help.

I'm from India and a Chief Officer in Merchant Navy.
once i leave for sailing, i won't be able to study for at least 5-6 months. ( provided I'm unable to get a good score this time).
Aiming for a 730.

bb Bunuel VeritasKarishma EMPOWERgmatRichC GMATNinja mikemcgarry ScottTargetTestPrep VeritasPrepErika carcass generis souvik101990



Awating your reply
Shashank Shekhar Singh
EMPOWERgmat Instructor
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Status: GMAT Assassin/Co-Founder
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GRE 1: Q170 V170
Re: 30 DAY PLAN - ESPECIALLY IN VERBAL  [#permalink]

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New post 14 Jul 2020, 18:28
Hi Shashank,

Based on your recent CAT Scores you appear to be improving - and a 650 is a strong CAT Score. The 'catch' is that seeing even a couple of "repeat" questions can 'throw off' the Scoring Algorithm and impact your pacing, energy levels, fatigue, etc. (meaning that they would likely all appear to be better than they actually are). It might be that your current 'ability level' is closer to a 600 than a 650. Statistically-speaking, raising a 650 to the point that you could consistently score 730+ would likely require at least another 1.5 - 2 months of consistent, guided study - and you would have to make significant improvements to how you handle BOTH the Quant and Verbal sections. Raising a 600 to a 730+ would likely require at least another 3 months. While the GMAT is a consistent, predictable Exam - and you CAN train to score at a higher level - you only have about 4 weeks of study time remaining, so there will likely be a limit to how much you can improve in that time.

A 730+ Score is currently right around the 96th percentile - and you have to learn, practice and master a number of different content areas AND Tactics to consistently score at that level. Thus, it's not enough to learn some 'tips' - you need to train to "see" (and respond to) the GMAT in really specific ways.

1) How much of your current course have you completed?
2) Is your current GMAT at a Test Facility or is it the At-home option?

GMAT assassins aren't born, they're made,
Contact Rich at:

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souvik101990 Score: 760 Q50 V42 ★★★★★
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Joined: 13 Apr 2020
Posts: 6
CAT Tests
Re: 30 DAY PLAN - ESPECIALLY IN VERBAL  [#permalink]

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New post 14 Jul 2020, 19:01
Thanks for the detailed reply Rich.
1. I've completed the entire course and right now I'm just practising official questions ;
2. I'll be going for the at-home online GMAT

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Target Test Prep Representative
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Re: 30 DAY PLAN - ESPECIALLY IN VERBAL  [#permalink]

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New post 22 Jul 2020, 12:30
Hi ShashankSS3,

I know we have been speaking directly but would you like some general advice on how to improve your CR and RC skills?




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Re: 30 DAY PLAN - ESPECIALLY IN VERBAL   [#permalink] 22 Jul 2020, 12:30


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