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Calling all Melbourne MBA Applicants: August 2016 Intake!!

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Joined: 09 Dec 2015
Posts: 6
Location: Australia
Concentration: General Management, Entrepreneurship
WE: General Management (Retail)
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Re: Calling all Melbourne MBA Applicants: August 2016 Intake!!  [#permalink]

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New post 14 Apr 2016, 03:09
apoorvswarup wrote:
I have already mentioned the names of the individuals who committed the misrepresentation in an earlier message. I don't want to waste my time and energy elaborating on the incident here especially since I won't be attending and nor care about the school, if you want I can share the thread with you. My message was to serve as a heads up especially to a lot of non-native/Indian applicants who do apply to the school

As far as recommending agsm is concerned, the reason why I mentioned that school is that I don't expect them unlike the people at mbs to lie to my face.

As far as job opportunities are concerned the nature would remain the same and if you are a native both schools would be good but there is definitely more advantage of attending agsm if you are a non-native since the school is better known internationally.

Posted from my mobile device

For those holding their breath, Apoorv has sent me the conversation and here's the gist of it.
- Apoorv applied last year and was admitted. Unhappy with the lack of scholarship and equipped with a good career opportunity, he decides to defer his place in hope of a scholarship next year. Deferral was accepted although it's unclear what this deferral means. In the initial email it says he will be reconsidered in comparison to round 1 applicants of the following year.
- Come October 2015, which I assume is the end of the first round he receives an email saying that his application was unsuccessful. Apoorv complains, to his credit the wording on the deferral acceptance was a bit ambiguous.
- Apoorv points out the flaw in Anne's email in a fairly unpleasant way. The school reconsiders or backtracks and offers him a place, albeit without scholarship.
- Apoorv starts complaining at the lack of scholarship, boasting about his achievements and high GMAT. He feels that he deserves a scholarship and it must be an error that he didn't receive one. 2-3 emails going back and forth about this "mistake"
- It became clear that his lack of scholarship was at least partly due to his lack of professionalism in his previous communication. He finds a problem in the process' timeline which is understandable, but I also understand the school's POV.

What I found interesting is he expressed from the get-go how he wasn't particularly interested in MBS anyway, yet fought so hard for a scholarship. I understand the initial mistake/misunderstanding was frustrating for you but hopefully you realise that your response was not ideal.
I congratulate you on your scholarship and place at HEC but no offence, but if your emails are any indication of your emotional maturity I don't think this year's cohort at MBS is missing out on too much.
Joined: 25 Sep 2015
Posts: 7
GMAT 1: 710 Q48 V38
Re: Calling all Melbourne MBA Applicants: August 2016 Intake!!  [#permalink]

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New post 14 Apr 2016, 03:34
I've also read the email chain and reached the same conclusions.

There was a clear misunderstanding and mistake in the handling of the deferral but Anne apologised sincerely and rectified it. Instead of questioning the decision you went out and attacked the admissions council. After they apologised and rectified it you then attacked them again for not considering your application for a scholarship...I don't think any business school would consider you for a scholarship after the aggressive and condescending tone of your emails. People make honest mistakes, you were plain rude and immature in the way you handled it. This was highlighted by Laura.

Dear Apoorv

As I mentioned in my last email, we do consider the tone and content of all interactions with the school in assessing leadership, maturity, communications and interpersonal skills, which would include the ‘pointedly less subtle manner’ that you used to communicate your position. The outcome of the Scholarship Selection committee remains.

Kind regards


Best of luck at HEC.
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Re: Calling all Melbourne MBA Applicants: August 2016 Intake!! &nbs [#permalink] 14 Apr 2016, 03:34

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Calling all Melbourne MBA Applicants: August 2016 Intake!!

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