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GMAT and MBA 101

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GMAT and MBA 101  [#permalink]

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New post 12 Sep 2013, 03:13

GMAT and MBA 101

Often we get asked questions about GMAT and MBA that we have answered a dozen times before. Sorry, make that dozen a thousand dozen! This thread will act as a general FAQ for all things GMAT and MBA related (nothing specific or fancy). If you have a question about the GMAT or MBA or you are new to this area, this is the place for you. I will be happy to add your question to the list below :-)

For any other information, Please search and find the appropriate forum!

I want to go for a business school. What do I have to do?

Great question! First thing that you need to know is which MBA program you want to take on! Or rather, are you looking for an MBA? There can be a lot of reasons/non-reasons for wanting to do an MBA (why-mba-147141.html). But if you have your heart set on an MBA, most likely your first step should be thinking about an exam called the GMAT!

What is the GMAT? When are the dates? How to go about it?

Relax! The best news is that GMAT is an online exam so no form or queues (so are most things MBA related!). Head over to to learn more about GMAT. There are countless discussions on GMATClub about the exam (hence the name :P) and almost all of them are GMAT related. You should be looking here to get more information about the GMAT!

How do I prepare for the exam? Or rather, how do I get a 700?

The GMAT consists of 4 main sections i.e the AWA, IR, Quant and Verbal! While we could spend a million words or write a big fat book, your time would probably be well spent if you look at these threads.

GMAT Study Plan
 | GMAT Tools | Best GMAT Stories

This seems to be a lot of information for just a standardized test!

Here, we are afraid that we cannot help you! The GMAT is probably one of the biggest parts of your MBA admission journey and for most people it ends up being a full time commitment for 2-3 months on an average. You should plan your time effectively and study methodically to get the most out of it.

Are there practice tests available?

Yes! will give you 2 practice CATs (Computer Adaptive Tests) which form the best evaluation of your GMAT preparation. There are other test prep companies which offer practice tests (including your friendly neighbourhood GMAT Club

GMAT Club tests
All GMAT practice tests

What after GMAT? How much do I need to score to get into Harvard??

GMAT Score ranges from 200-800 with weighted AWA/IR and Quant and Verbal scores! Most schools will tell you the average GMAT score of its last graduating class and from there you can get an idea as to what score you should be targeting. 
Here is a quick look if you are curious!

Click any of the schools you are interested in to get more information!

WOW! The schools ask for very high scores!! Do I really need a 700?

If you are looking at top schools, you were expecting the average scores to be high weren’t you? However, the GMAT is only a part of your entire application! You have a lot of other aspects to consider such as your work experience, application essays, and letters of recommendations and so on!
This thread will give you a LOT of information about MBA applications!

Everything about MBA V 2.0

How much does a top B School cost?

Top 10 Business Schools cost about 40k-50k USD annually for tuition. However, how worthwhile your investment is? Only you can tell! Business education does take deep pockets. However, you will find a lot of financing options both from the school and outside.

How much scholarship can I expect?

Well, financial aid and scholarships are not really raining in the business school area. To find the financial aid options you need to scan each school's website as they differ a lot. Here is Harvard Financial Aid Page

GMAT and MBA is a lot of work! Now how can GMAT Club help?

GMAT Club is the largest GMAT-MBA community on the planet. Apart from meeting thousands of fellow applicants and GMAT takers, GMAT Club also helps its members to ace the test and write stellar application. Besides our world famous GMAT Club tests, GMAT toolkit mobile app, we recently launched our 2 new GMAT and MBA related products and they are really cool! Check them out!

GMAT Daily Prep

We also have partnered with GMAT test prep and MBA admission consulting companies. Be sure to check them out to get stellar deals!
GMAT and MBA Partners

GMAT Club was created almost a decade back to launch a fun place to be for MBA applicants in an otherwise intimidating (read: scary as hell) journey. We constantly try and provide a better experience for our members to get best out of their GMAT and MBA application to bootstrap their aspirational MBA journey.
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GMAT and MBA 101   [#permalink] 12 Sep 2013, 03:13
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GMAT and MBA 101

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