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just can't study

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Joined: 16 Dec 2010
Posts: 138
Schools: MIT (Sloan) - Class of 2014
GMAT 1: 750 Q50 V41
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just can't study [#permalink]

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New post 01 Mar 2011, 18:19
it is summer where i live, i just can't study... i did some OG12 questions (actually all math and SC) and had few mistakes... CR is easy for me when i can focus. in the diagnostic test RC was my only weak point... don't know what to do... anyone having the same problem. weekends are hell, like i take 2 naps per day, it is insane. i think that march and april should be cooler and I might be able to study at home.

anyways, my plan is just to check teh manhattan guides, i read a little bit at work and they seem helpful, just gonna try to study them twice so that i remember some of the strategies.

i also have teh quant and verbal OG guides, so i will try to do those questions and then redo all the og questions, it took me like one or two days at work to do each of teh OG sections (i start just from the medium difficulty questions), however lately i have just so much work that i cant study. (i am not that lazy at work, i mean i used to do like just a few questions whenever i had like 15 minutes free or needed a break. my job is very demanding and sometimes you just need not to stare at the screen)

i am afraid just because it seems everyone is putting so much effort into it and i am just barely studying a few hours a week.

anyone having or had the same problem with studying during the summer?
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Joined: 26 Jan 2011
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Re: just can't study [#permalink]

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New post 01 Mar 2011, 18:37
if you start logging your GMAT progress/journey on here, it may keep you more motivated.
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Joined: 11 Jun 2010
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Re: just can't study [#permalink]

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New post 02 Mar 2011, 06:47
toiysam wrote:
it is summer where i live, i just can't study...

Well, I had this experience, too :). The hot weather absolutely impacts our performance and concentration. My advice is that you should go to the library, where the air conditioner is available and you are allowed to bring in your laptop and your own materials. Besides, every time you get bored to sleep, just look around and see many people studying, you will be motivated. Also remember to make yourself a schedule and stick to it. Try to discipline yourself to study every day. When you get familiar with your daily GMAT routine, neither hot nor cold weather will be a problem to you.

Hope this helps and Happy learning ^^

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Re: just can't study [#permalink]

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New post 02 Mar 2011, 06:53
It's my party and I'll cry if I want to?

but seriously...

This is common, you'd rather be doing XXXX than studying. Simply put, you need to make yourself devoid of distractions and temptations and study. Put yourself in an environment where the distractions are minimal (turn off your mobile, sit in a room with no windows, remove/have background noise (depending on your style, etc.)). You are your worst enemy when it comes to focusing and studying and you must figure out how to buckle down and focus..

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Joined: 04 Jan 2011
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Re: just can't study [#permalink]

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New post 02 Mar 2011, 07:11
Fortunately... The weather at my place is always that way - HOT and STUFFY :|
Except when it's raining... But when it rains, the electricity is cut off :|

Folks here are used to the heat, mosquitoes and unreliable power supply. So we don't really take it into consideration ^_^

We study any way...

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart" - Confucius

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Re: just can't study [#permalink]

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New post 02 Mar 2011, 07:12
toiysam, we can have thousands of excuses for not being able to study but we got to do what we have to do :) and that is the GMAT. I gave the GMAT last year with a similar mind set and check my scores to know how badly i bombed it. My thinking was similar to yours : I was studying through the beautiful fall season in the United States. I was cursing and kicking myself for not being able to go out and enjoy the weather. moreover, I felt guilty that my husband was also not going out with his friends because he wanted me to be part of the fun. with all these confusions, i ultimately messed the test. and you know what i learnt ? it wouls have been better that i studied then and would not have to go through this now!!!

Ofcourse, I do agree with you that it is hard to study in the summer and that the winter is easier on us for studies. However, don't let this get you. you have got great ideas here - start a log, go to the library(i do this), just keep yourself devoid of this distraction. I used to go to the library too to study on some days as we had the option of bringing our laptop, plugging it in, studying etc. so if you have a public library near you then do that. I think it wil also be airconditioned isn't it :-D

Hang in there and the GMAT will b over before you know.
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Re: just can't study [#permalink]

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New post 02 Mar 2011, 07:33
It's good that you have recognized this problem and appear willing to correct this issue. Find ways to stay motivated and remove distractions during your studies, as others have already advised. However, make sure that you actually do change your habits. What's the point otherwise? If you don't take the GMAT seriously and study only when it's convenient, then that's your choice. But the test results will reflect that.

Basically, you have two options: (1) study and do the best that you can, or (2) abandon the GMAT and save time (as well as money) for other activities. Choose the one that you value more.

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Joined: 26 Oct 2010
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Re: just can't study [#permalink]

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New post 02 Mar 2011, 21:09
that's why i studied during the winter, it's boring and nothing to do!
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Re: just can't study [#permalink]

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New post 02 Mar 2011, 23:27
I threw down some money down for a class, which helped me stay focused, motivated, and disciplined. Having a regularly scheduled, weekly session with other students and a teacher was something I knew I absolutely needed to stay on track.

If that's not an option, you could form a study group that meets regularly to help each other work through the tough problems (or venting). While online forum is fantastic and interacting with other humans brings out the best in us, meeting with other mad GMATers makes the process less painful, IMHO.

As for the studying, the library is pretty much an indispensable resource for minimizing distractions. Studying during the summer is definitely rough, when everyone is out playing without you. But your good friends will understand that what you're doing is extremely important and time consuming. If you put in enough hours during the day, you can still enjoy a night out afterwards.

Thankfully my library had a glass roof so at least I was sitting in the sunshine. I think that alone was a huge factor in retaining my sanity during my weekend study sessions. And I'm not ashamed of my library naps either!

Good luck!! :)
Joined: 27 Jan 2011
Posts: 198
Re: just can't study [#permalink]

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New post 03 Mar 2011, 07:49
Your efforts to study inspite of all these problems is inspiring! Everyone has problems of their own, my small baby wakes me at night sometimes, office work during the day has its own stress levels; I barely find an hour or 2 during the weekdays to study, but there is one thing, just keep focused towards your final goal, a better job, moving to a place with nicer weather, whatever it is..think of the movie shawshank redemption where the guy continued to strive towards his freedom inspite of everything adverse! You are going to come out golden!

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Re: just can't study [#permalink]

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New post 03 Mar 2011, 19:47
One more thing that works for many of my students: fix up 'study time' during the weekdays and the weekends...
According to the effort you need to put in and the time you have, fix up say
Weekday Evenings 8-9 Quant, 9-10 Verbal every day (Friday off)
Weekend Mornings 9-11 Quant and 1-3 Verbal ....

This is the time when you WILL study for GMAT come what may (except emergencies) and the rest of the time, you will NOT study for GMAT come what may (of course you might need to swap sometimes... If something comes up on Sunday mornings, make your evening free) The point is, you are able to increase your productivity when you don't languish at your desk with the GMAT books the entire day, when the clock is ticking and when you know that the rest of the time you are going to go out and enjoy the beautiful summer... Remember, don't burn yourself out by being in two minds all the time... Either only study or only enjoy at any given time.. Preferably study first. That ways, you will be able to enjoy more later on...

(If you feel you are behind your schedule, re adjust the timings subsequently...)

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Re: just can't study   [#permalink] 03 Mar 2011, 19:47
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just can't study

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