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Profile Evaluation for US B-schools (Female, Indian, Hons grad)

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Joined: 24 Nov 2014
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Location: India
WE: Asset Management (Investment Banking)
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Profile Evaluation for US B-schools (Female, Indian, Hons grad)  [#permalink]

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New post 27 Apr 2015, 10:00

I am a 24-year old, Indian, Female MBA aspirant. I wish to apply for Fall 2016 Batch (Class of 2018). My current GMAT score is 680, but I would be retaking it with the hopes of crossing the 740 mark. A brief description of my profile is given below:

1. Acads:- Xth grade - 86.0%, XIIth grade - 95.0%
Bachelors in Commerce (Honors), from Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi University - Best Bachelor college for commerce students in Asia - 70.3% (1st Division)

2. Work ex:- By 2016 August, I would have completed 4 years of work ex with BlackRock (world's largest Asset Management Firm). I am a Senior Financial Analyst with expertise in Securitization and Collateralized Debt Obligations, with a broader perspective of Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities. I was co-leading a small team, just 6 months after joining and since then have grown to Project Management and currently collaborate with the US counterparts for our US Client (Fed GSE) apart from the regular tasks.

3. ECA:- Part of the BlackRock Social Committee - organize cultural events and co-ordinate inter-department activities - 2012 to present
- Project Lead at AIESEC - largest youth run organization worldwide in 2011.
- Regularly participated and won school-level and college-level competitions.
- Public Relations Officer in High School from 2007-2009.

4. Awards:- School Topper (Valedictorian) for 2009.
- Fresh Blood Title in BlackRock 2012
- Excellence/Scholar Awards throughout High School

5. Post-MBA Goal:- Work in front-end Asset Management/Investment Management. I currently have experience as a back-end operative (same work as front-end, just no direct client contact), and would like to leverage my MBA to secure a client-facing job in the Corporate Finance field.

6. Target B-schools:- Columbia, Duke, Johnson (Cornell), Anderson (UCLA), Darden (Virginia), Ross (Michigan), Kenan-Flagler (UNC), McCombs (Austin-Texas)

Please provide a genuine evaluation over my profile for these B-schools. Also suggest weak points that I can work on, since I have almost 10 months to prepare my application.

PS:- I am open to postponing my MBA to Class of 2019 (5 year work ex), if that can increase my chances at these schools. But I would prefer to start my MBA at the earliest.

Would really appreciate your help!

Admission Consultant
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Joined: 05 Mar 2015
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Re: Profile Evaluation for US B-schools (Female, Indian, Hons grad)  [#permalink]

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New post 29 Apr 2015, 07:11
Hi -
We are happy to offer you an assessment based on the information you have provided. Let's just start at the top of your list - your GMAT score. It's wise to take it again. 680, though a respectable score at some of your schools of interest, is not an ideal score at some of the more competitive schools in your list. Good luck when you take it again. Aside from that. academically you look strong, from a pure black/white (grade/classroom performance) perspective. I am not quite sure if you are weak, moderate or strong as it regards your extracurricular involvement in college. You say that you participated in and won competitions, but I don't know what you mean by that. With regard to AIESEC, it looks like you were part of that for 2 years? What I need to know is how deep was your involvement. How did you contribute? How much time did you dedicate to the or weekly? Why were you involved with it? You have included some information regarding your extracurriculars and academics pre-college. Note that adcoms only focus on content starting in your college years. The only time they may consider pre-college content is when someone is a younger applicant (someone with less than 3 years fulltime experience). In any case, I need more data from you to properly assess your sense of balance while in college.

Let's talk about your extracurriculars since college.(you don't include extracurriculars pre college in a b-school resume). You appear to be light here. Now, given that you are with Blackrock, which is typically a VERY demanding place to work, it may be fine that you are light in this area because you could be working 75+ hours per week., which would make getting meaningfully involved outside work tough. Adcoms are pretty understanding about how demanding certain industries are and financial services is one of those industries.You will need ti craft an optional essay to explain your low level of involvement just to make sure the adcom doesn't draw its own inaccurate conclusions. Just note that being weak in this area is not a major issues at all. This is the most common area of weakness in applications.

An area in which you are very strong is your career. Blackrock is a terrific company, and it is clear you are getting great exposure there, as well as progressing at an accelerated pace. With 4 years at time of matriculating, now is an ideal time to apply (though note that it would be fine if you waited another year as well).

Your goals make sense based on what your career to date has been. Right now you appear yo just have a short term view, not a mid and long range perspective. That is something you will want to build into your ambitions so the schools can see that you have a vision for yourself.

Bo, on to your schools. You have a nice array of schools in your list. You have included some reach, realistic, and safety schools. Thus, I think you chance of garnering success is high.

You asked what you can do to strengthen your candidacy - saying you have 10 months. I don't follow what you mean there. Applications start to come out in May and the Round 1 deadlines are in September/October (R2 deadlines are in early January). So if you are planning to apply this year, you have no time at this stage to address any weak areas. Luckily for you, you have only one weak area and that is extracurriculars since college. There is nothing you can or should do at this stage to address that. We tell all folks that if you they new involvements the year they are applying, the adcoms will likely see those new involvements as disingenuous - there to pad the resume. So please be mindful of that.

All in all though, without knowing about some of your more intrinsic qualities - color in your personality that could come from your life experiences (any significant struggles, success, so on and so forth), I can tell you that you appear to be a strong candidate. If you would like to talk so i may offer you a more customized assessment, reach out. Otherwise, we wish you all the best with your application process!

Kathryn Lucas, Founder
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Re: Profile Evaluation for US B-schools (Female, Indian, Hons grad)   [#permalink] 29 Apr 2015, 07:11

Profile Evaluation for US B-schools (Female, Indian, Hons grad)

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