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Profile Evaluation - Non Traditional Background - Entrepreneur/Owner

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Profile Evaluation - Non Traditional Background - Entrepreneur/Owner  [#permalink]

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New post 24 Mar 2015, 05:04

Academics: B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (82%) with distinction from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore (within Top 30 engineering colleges in India)

GMAT: 680

Work Experience:
After graduating, I got a placement into Tata Consultancy Services and worked for 1.5 years (Outstanding contributor award, Employee of the quarter, Client appreciation award etc). I was exposed to multi cultural work ambience and was the youngest SME(Suject matter expert) on Data warehousing/Analytics.

But my natural propensity was towards entrepreneurship and after taking some loan and personal savings, opened my own firm which deals in manufacturing electronic spare parts and trading Public address electronic equipments, slowly but steadily, I worked my heart out and nurtured this baby whose age is 5.5 years currently, and now my baby's annual turn over is over 7 million USD. I, currently employee more than 25 people (and this was my dream "providing employment" rather than "being employed").

In this journey, I have several stories of both hardship (Example : not sleeping over 36 hours straight to deliver my first tender contract and how I did those things with limited avenues) and of sweet success.

Total work exp: 7+ years

Short term goal: Take my firm from "regional status" to "national status" in terms of sales and revenue generated.

Long term goal: Provide employment to 1000 people by expanding my business in not only trading electronic equipments but also in logistics( providing efficient Supply chain and logistics to companies)area.

Target school: Kellogs, Booth, Kelley, ISB, Anderson.

Kindly provide your honest feedback in my case, as I am looking for an admit for 2016 (as you can see I'd like to plan everything in advance)?
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Re: Profile Evaluation - Non Traditional Background - Entrepreneur/Owner  [#permalink]

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New post 25 Mar 2015, 17:32
Hi - Thanks for reaching out. Ok, let's get started!

First, please understand that you are not a non-traditional applicant. Many folks who have been successful as entrepreneurs apply to top b-schools, rom India and other countries around the world. That said, congrats on what you have accomplished thus far with your company!! Going to b-school to learn how to scale your company and take it from regional to national or global status is smart. As long as you are able to capture your experiences with Tata and your company in an effective, layperson friendly manner, your resume - professionally speaking - should resonate well. Crafting layperson friendly, compelling bullets can be tough. Telling one's story in their resume can be extremely hard.

Let's talk about your schools: I can't say that the schools you have selected are the right or wrong schools. It is a thoughtful list as it has a mix of reach, realistic, and safety schools. I would like to better understand how you came up with the selection. Schools will certainly need to know that you have a plan in place to support your company's continued growth while you are in business school - have you begun to think about that?

Things that concern me right now, based on the information I have:
- I don't know if you have any extracurricular involvement in your past or present - were you balanced in collage, meaning were you involved in activities outside the classroom? I can see that you performed well in the classroom, but that is just half the story when it comes to assessing an applicant's undergraduate experience. Schools believe the way you conducted yourself in undergrad is indicative of how you will conduct yourself in b-school. Schools are less concerned about folks being involved post-college as many folks have extremely demanding job ----and I imagine you fall into that category as you were trying to birth and grow a company. Whatever you have in terms of ec's you need to include in your resume as it is part of your story.
- Your GMAT score is on the lower side for top business schools. When did you take the exam? How many times did you take it? What was your breakdown between quant and verbal? These answers could impact whether I would suggest you take the exam again.
- Fit with schools - I need to better understand why you have selected the schools you have to ensure they ARE the right schools for you.

I am happy to talk with you more, as I am barely touching the surface here. Let me know if that is of interest to you. Thanks!

Kathryn Lucas, Founder
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Re: Profile Evaluation - Non Traditional Background - Entrepreneur/Owner   [#permalink] 25 Mar 2015, 17:32

Profile Evaluation - Non Traditional Background - Entrepreneur/Owner

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