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Retaking Strategy: 3rd time's not the charm

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Retaking Strategy: 3rd time's not the charm  [#permalink]

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New post Updated on: 06 Jan 2018, 16:11
Hi All,

this is my first post so please bear with me.


I am an Engineer by background amd I have been working for a FMCG company for 2.5 years.
I have taken 3 attempts to GMAT so far and did not receive the target score yet (700+).

the first 2 attempts were taken in 2014 while I was still doing my engineering and scored 610 (Q45 V29) and 620 (Q49 V27) respectively. At that time, I studied on my own and used the Official guides and Manhattan SC guide.While I was good at maths, Verbal used to haunt me.

Forward to 2017 when I was serious about applying to the PGP programs, I started to prepare for the GMAT since April onwards, Because of work commitment such as working in shifts and handling new projects, The GMAT got delayed to the last moment and finally I booked the GMAT in December. Between this period, I used various resources such as gmatprep question bank for all topics, registered to e-GMAT verbal online course (which helped a lot but I would like if I achieve a higher score next time),manhattan guides for maths and verbal,Powerscore CR Bible, OG 13th edition and the 2nd edition of verbal and quant guide. I gave numerous mock tests from various sources such as 800score maths test, gmatclub maths test, e-GMAT's scholarinium and the official GMATPREP. Verbal still used to haunt me so i focused a lot on verbal but I was pretty sure that I will do well in maths.



TEST 1: Q49
TEST 2: Q47
TEST 3: Q50
TEST 4: Q49
TEST 5: Q50

GMATCLUB tests: Q45-Q49



Now before the actual test day, i did not get any sleep because of anxiety or stress or i don't know what. I was awake for the whole night :cry: and didn't get any sleep even if i wanted to. at around 6 AM, I made a strong black coffee for myself and left the home for the test center.
even though I had zero sleep i kept belief in myself that "no worries, you well do well in the exam". My head was aching while i entered the exam hall but still i was confident that even though the circumstances are not helping me, I can still do good in this exam.

I started the test with verbal section because i wanted to be finished with it.
Verbal section went well according to my expectations when I saw a bold face CR question towards the end of the section.
by the end of verbal section, I was completely exhausted.
now during the maths section, i was following 2 min per question strategy. Around 25th question, I had close to 25 mins left, 5 minutes later i realized, I am on question 31.
I had no idea what i was doing but i though that I might be getting a good score since i got a lot of difficult questions such as absolute value combined with inequalities and so on.

Now the score i got, 640 (Q44 V34) :( and along with the score my dream of applying to the good schools went down the drain. Exactly opposite of what I thought, a decent score in verbal but a bad score in maths (Verbal still haunts me :lol: )

BUT, I am pretty sure if i can get 640 while I had zero energy to do anything, I can score atleast 680+ in the next attempt :cool: . Initially i planned to retake the test this week but realized that its too late for this year's admissions. So i am planning to give a final shot at GMAT sometime next month hence i need help from this wonderful community of experts here so that I can achieve a good score ie 680+

I am attaching my ESR so that experts can judge me better.

Thanks for the patience.

File comment: ESR 640
ESR 640.pdf [427.01 KiB]
Downloaded 19 times

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Originally posted by saurabhchhabra09 on 06 Jan 2018, 15:10.
Last edited by saurabhchhabra09 on 06 Jan 2018, 16:11, edited 1 time in total.
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Re: Retaking Strategy: 3rd time's not the charm  [#permalink]

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New post 06 Jan 2018, 15:42
I think something is wrong in your ESR. The subsectional rankings show 50, 49, 56 and 43 the average is 198\4 = 49

Am I wrong ? Is this not how it is calculated ?

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Re: Retaking Strategy: 3rd time's not the charm   [#permalink] 06 Jan 2018, 15:42
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Retaking Strategy: 3rd time's not the charm

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