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Straddling the MBA and EMBA fence. Open to any and all feedback.

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Joined: 27 Jul 2016
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Straddling the MBA and EMBA fence. Open to any and all feedback. [#permalink]

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New post 19 Sep 2017, 08:36
Okay, here goes nothing. Long time lurker, first time poster. I’m a 38-year-old male beginning my MBA/EMBA application journey. I graduated from a school in the SEC (think LSU, Bama, Tennessee) in 2005 with a 2.5 GPA double majoring Poli Sci and Spanish, neither of which I was very much interested in. I had a 3.75 in my English minor and currently edit contracts and other materials for my company. I never applied myself in undergrad, I was in a fraternity and had no desire for scholastic achievement. I heavily regret not applying myself and pursuing a degree in business, though I can’t change it at this point. After graduation, began working in the healthcare consulting arena. I’ve worked in healthcare consulting for the last 12 years, management for the last 7 years. The projects that I’ve led have been quite successful for my company. As 4th grade spelling champ back in the day, my command of the English language began early. I have a calm, cool demeanor when I sit and put pen to paper. I am supremely confident in my abilities as a writer.

I’m currently straddling the fence with regard to full time MBA vs EMBA. Yes, I know that getting an admittance to a full time top 25 program will be quite a task, due to my age and stats. I’m currently in a position with my employer where, while EMBA route is preferred, I may be able to take off 2 years with my employer’s blessing (and financial support) if a quite lucrative side-project comes through. Which route I choose may ultimately depend on where I am accepted, applying to 3 fulltime and 3-5 EMBA programs.

18 months ago I applied and was accepted to a regional EMBA program (accredited with the AACSB but a GMAT score was not required for admittance). It is an extremely small program with a dang near non-existent alumni network. I decided to withdraw my acceptance and raise my sights a bit. I’ve been studying for the GMAT the last 3 months using EMPOWERGmat (which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!) and am scoring 650ish. I’m hoping to push that to 720+ in the next 30-60 days.

My expected application stats: 38-year-old male, 2.5 UGPA, 720 GMAT, 2 LOR’s (that I feel are very good, one from my mentor at work, who was recently inducted in the Modern Healthcare Hall of Fame). I’m also planning on hiring an admission consultant to help polish my resume and essays. I’ve already spoken to several admission consultants that are highly rated on gmatclub.

Programs under consideration:
I’ve been considering 3 full time MBA (programs ranked ~25) and a number of EMBA programs
Vanderbilt (full time and EMBA)
Georgia Tech (full time and EMBA)
Emory (full time and EMBA)
I’m also looking at applying to 3-5 of the 10 highest ranked EMBA programs (Wharton, Booth, Columbia, Ross, Duke). If I can hit my 720 GMAT score, I’m hopeful I can catch lighting in a bottle and get an acceptance.

I am hopeful to finish my 1st application by Oct 23 (Vandy full time 1st round deadline). I’ll then throw out my round 2 apps for Ga Tech and Emory, while working diligently on my EMBA apps, which have later deadlines.

Final note, as it relates to Vandy: I’m trying not to get too personal online, but the founder/owner of my company, my father, began his business journey 25 years ago while working for Vanderbilt Medical Center. While I don’t live there now, I’ve lived in Nashville for several years before. I have family there. I have a feeling in my bones that my future flows through Vanderbilt somehow. My top choice is Vanderbilt’s full time program, 2nd choice is Vandy EMBA, then will depend on where I’m accepted at.

If you’re read this far, I really appreciate it. I’ve gotten a lot of good ideas from the threads and the stories I’ve read on here. That said, I have a couple questions for the community:

1) Does anyone have any advice for me at this stage of the process?
2) Is there anything you guys feel I should be doing differently or that I may want to reconsider?
3) I welcome any feedback on what I’ve written.

I realize I may not be the ideal MBA/EMBA candidate, but I am fine with that. When I can finally get back to an even footing with the rest of my cohort in Business School, I will outwork, outperform, outthink and outwit my competition. I will be a hardworking and competent member of the team, an asset anywhere I can be used.

Thank you guys very much,
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Re: Straddling the MBA and EMBA fence. Open to any and all feedback. [#permalink]

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New post 19 Sep 2017, 17:51

I encourage you to pursue your dream and do not lose hope. You may not be suitable for MBA due to age problem. So EMBA will be your way. However, try to give a shot into Emory 1 year full time program. Pleasse review the stats of 1 year program.

I urge you to take care of the essays and show real desire to MBA and what will give you after those years of experience. I'd you will go with full time programs, you may use the optional essay to write about delaying MBA till now. It may shed light on remarkable aspects in your life or personality. Sometimes miracles happen. :-)

Good luck
Re: Straddling the MBA and EMBA fence. Open to any and all feedback.   [#permalink] 19 Sep 2017, 17:51
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Straddling the MBA and EMBA fence. Open to any and all feedback.

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