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Tuck vs Booth for general management/LDP's (no $ for either)

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Booth or Tuck?

  • 64% [11]
  • 35% [6]
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Tuck vs Booth for general management/LDP's (no $ for either)  [#permalink]

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New post 01 Apr 2019, 10:22
Hi all,

I got the exciting news news that I was admitted to Booth! Prior to this news, Tuck was my top choice among all the other schools I had been admitted to.

My personal goals: I'm looking to recruit for leadership development programs, corporate strategy positions, or tech PM positions post MBA. Worth noting that I don't really have prior tech experience, so that in particular may be a pipe dream. Depending on my prospects, I may also recruit for consulting as a "plan B", as weird as that sounds, but I know that I would hate the consulting lifestyle, so I'd prefer one of the corporate positions mentioned before.

Recruiting: Tuck is a very strong general management school, placing 18% of their class into this function. Additionally, Tuck places 24% of their class into tech, and obviously places well into consulting as well if I do decide to go down that route. I've heard that Tuck even has a kind of reputation as a "general management" school.
-Location: Probably the most polarizing thing about Tuck. I have visited Hanover, and to be honest, I don't think I would mind living there. I've lived in small towns before, and it really doesn't bother me, though I wouldn't call it a plus. As long as there's enough social events in the MBA community, which I think there would be, I wouldn't really miss being in a city. To me the biggest negative is being 2-3 hours from an airport if I need to travel for recruiting.
-Tight-knit: Tuck definitely sells the "tight-knit community" vibe stronger than any other school I've looked at, and that is something that is important to me, as I really want to form strong relationships at school. However, I don't know if it's just all smoke to sell people on living in the middle of nowhere for 2 years haha.
-Happy: One very unique vibe I got from Tuckies is how happy they are at Tuck. This isn't a theme that was really talked about at other schools, and it's definitely something I noticed.
-Sports: while I'm not necessarily a winter sports fanatic, I do enjoy quite skiing and skating, and tripod hockey sounds like a real good time to me. I guess I'm saying I could see myself fitting in here.

Recruiting: Booth is obviously a great program, and generally a solid tier above Tuck (M7 pedigree is real nice). However, Booth only places 8% of their class into general management positions/LDP's. This does increase to 12% if you include corporate strategy, but this is still considerably less than Tuck. Meanwhile, Booth places a comparable 20% into Tech and obviously excels at consulting.
-Location: I've visited Chicago a few times, and in general I quite like the city. However, while being in downtown Chicago is definitely exciting, the lack of income during school might mean that I'm not able to enjoy the city as much as I would like.
-Culture: When I talk to current students at Booth, I get the impression that it is a pretty tight-knit and collaborative community (not quite as much as Tuck, but still serviceable). However, I do have a couple concerns. First, the fact that most students live ~30 minutes away from campus worries me, not just because it makes getting back and forth to campus inconvenient, but because I'm worried it makes the school feel like a "commuter school" with less of a sense of community (though when I talk to students, they don't really think this is a problem). Second, I've heard of a stereotype that Boothies are on the more anti-social/introverted side than other schools. As someone who wants to make really strong relationships in B-school, this stereotype worries me. But, when I talk to current students, I don't get that impression at all, so I'm not sure if it's just total nonsense from outsiders.
-MPP: apparently like 60-70% of the class lives in this one apartment building downtown (called MPP), giving a dorm vibe. This does help to ease my "commuter school" worries mentioned above. Also, I will be moving to school with a partner, so the fact that we can live in MPP with everyone else, as opposed to Tuck where we would have to live 15 minutes off campus in Sachem Village, makes me feel better about not "missing out" socially.

Ultimately, I'd say my top priority is having the best job prospects possible, followed by being part of a tight-knit community.

I really can see myself at both schools right now, and while they are VERY different in a lot of ways, they both have their advantages in my eyes. I do plan on attending both admitted students weekends to see if I get a strong impression on fit one way or the other.
However, until then, my question is: given that my most likely goal is to get into LDP programs, would I be crazy to pass up on Booth for Tuck? Or is Booth just a no brainer here and I'm over thinking it? Does M7 mean more opportunity for LDP's even though it's not a popular path at Booth?

Any and all help would be appreciated! Thanks everyone!

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Which School to Choose Forum Moderator
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Re: Tuck vs Booth for general management/LDP's (no $ for either)  [#permalink]

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New post 01 Apr 2019, 20:45
To address some of your points on Booth - the stereotype that Booth students are awkward/anti-social is completely unfounded. UChicago undergrad tends to attract less social students and this had led to the perception that Booth students share these traits as well. If you have the chance to visit for First Day, you will see first hand what the students are like. Living in MPP or LSE is a great way to be part of the social scene outside of campus.
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Re: Tuck vs Booth for general management/LDP's (no $ for either)  [#permalink]

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New post 02 Apr 2019, 10:16
I think both programs can get you into LDP with no problems.
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Re: Tuck vs Booth for general management/LDP's (no $ for either)   [#permalink] 02 Apr 2019, 10:16
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Tuck vs Booth for general management/LDP's (no $ for either)

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