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Unusually low quant score on latest practice exam

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Unusually low quant score on latest practice exam  [#permalink]

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New post 25 Mar 2017, 18:54
Hi all,

My retake attempt is coming up in a week. 2 months ago I took the first GMATPrep exam, and took 4 practice GMATPrep exams in total before my first GMAT attempt. My quant scores for those were as follows:

GMATPrep 1 (free) - Q47 - 16 wrong
GMATPrep 2 (free) - Q47 - 14 wrong
GMATPrep 5 (Exam pack 2) - Q48 - 11 wrong
GMATPrep 6 (Exam pack 3) - Q46 - 13 wrong & also didn't submit the last answer in time.

Today I did my first attempt at GMATPrep 3 (Exam pack 1) and I got a quant score of 40 with 11 wrong.

This was a bit of a shocker. I could also sort of tell the quant score was going to be poor as it didn't seem that the exam was giving me "harder" questions. I mean at question #25 I got some ridiculously easy DS question. This was not representative of my previous practice exam experiences at all as there weren't any questions that truly stumped me. The previous practice exams had at least 3 or 4 of those in my experience. However my verbal score on this exam was in line with my previous experiences.

As a note most of my previous exams were done under close to GMAT conditions, including this one.

Most of the questions I got wrong this time were due to careless mistakes (calculation errors, etc). Some I had to guess on to try and manage my time better, but they were solvable at a second glance.

Also I have the GMAT Club quant tests and my scores are kind of all over the place. I've been doing these for around 3 months, and my scores across 14 tests range from 29-50. So I'm not sure what to think about that.
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Re: Unusually low quant score on latest practice exam  [#permalink]

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New post 26 Mar 2017, 11:50
Hi DealMonkey,

What is your exact Test Date (and do you have the flexibility to push it back a bit?)? I ask because while this latest score might just be the result of a 'bad day', it might be indicative of broader 'issues' in terms of how you've been taking your CATs and your overall readiness to face the Official GMAT. Based on what you described in a prior post - here: ... l#p1815088

...You didn't really take your CATs in a way that properly 'matches up' with what you'll face on Test Day, so there was some question as to the accuracy of those scores. If this recent CAT is the only one that you've taken since then, then there's little evidence that you've 'fixed' whatever issues need fixing. It would also help if you could define some of your big-picture goals:

1) When are you planning to apply to Business School?
2) What Schools are you planning to apply to?

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Re: Unusually low quant score on latest practice exam  [#permalink]

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New post 30 Mar 2017, 17:24
Hi DealMonkey,

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Re: Unusually low quant score on latest practice exam &nbs [#permalink] 30 Mar 2017, 17:24
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Unusually low quant score on latest practice exam

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