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MBA Program Review
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The school has everything you may expect from a business school - infrastructure, curriculum, professors, courses except a strong career management center.

The courses taught are standardized and professors are well aware of their subject matters. We read what all other business schools are reading such as books, Harvard Business School case studies, company visits, guest speakers etc. The facilities are great and the buildings are brand new. I can't complain at all about the capabilities of the school or students. The professors do a great job teaching and so do the administration of business school in accommodating the required changes or any other accommodations required by students.

About professors, classes and curriculum

The Career Management Center could do better. They make the required amount of efforts trying to get people jobs and internships. They do their routine jobs with no extra effort to try to go an extra mile.

About job placement process

The students are way above average than many business schools. The students are smart and experienced. So apparently i never felt that my class was any less talented than many top 25 school candidates i met during the course of my MBA.

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