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I am happy about my selection of Boston University primarily because it did not cost me anything. As a full tuition scholarship student, I am in a fortunate position and feel I can be slightly more objective. The complaints about career opportunities here are true - but fed by a misunderstanding that it is similar at many other schools. No, you will not get handed a job here. No, you will not get handed intelligence here. You need to work hard for both the former and the latter, and you have to do a lot of it on your own. Understand what business school is, and Boston University will serve you to the best of its ability. The faculty could be better, the administration varies from excellent to abysmal, and at times fellow students might seem to be phoning it in. But Questrom is what you make of it. Make it great. I can see Questrom easily rising to a position of far higher prominence with key changes in policy, admission decisions, and faculty structure. Fingers crossed they make it, and that you who attend contribute to that positive push as well.

About professors, classes and curriculum

Work hard. Pay attention. It is easy to perform at an excellent level if you dedicate yourself - though with a huge caveat that at least two professors I experienced are clearly happy with their tenure and honestly make the entirety of academia look bad with their lectures, grading, and general attitude. Avoid them (you can hopefully figure out who they are) and you will be happy.

About job placement process

You have to do it on your own. There is support from the school, but no one gets handed a job coming out of BU. Same can be said for every other b-school - a friend at HBS post-graduation had to work for free for six months before getting a paid position. BU is the same but a little worse, I guess. But the talk of being unable to break into a certain level coming out of BU is not accurate - there are Questrom MBAs at all of MBB. But they got themselves there, for better or worse.

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Created by Jude1903

December 24, 2016

This seems bad. I am having to choose between Questrom and Simon, and leaning on Questrom for its location, it'd be good to stay in a big city to network for my career. But after reading this review I'll have to think again :D
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