June 09, 2014

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This is the first review I am writing for anyone ever. That should tell you something about how much I value what Paul did for me. I got through one of HSW.

I applied with a bunch of my other friends who used many different consultants including Sandy, Stacy Blackman etc. So I have a pretty good understanding of the benchmark and I can firmly say that Paul goes out of his way to make sure that you not just get into ‘a’ but ‘the’ B-school. Here are the things I loved about him:
Dedicated – Paul is super dedicated to his clients. I feel way more comfortable with verbal communication as compared to written – particularly when it comes down to essays. Paul was great on this front – he spent hours with me discussing my essays – brainstorming the content, discussing the structure and fine-tuning the language. He never said no to a request for an extra call and I think that is very valuable.
Patient – when you write your essays, everyone has a staring viewpoint on what they want to write. And in most cases than not, the final essay turns out to be very different (at least for me). This is perfectly fine but what is really important is the process of getting to the final version. Paul is fabulous on this front as he is very patient and follows a policy of “either you convince me or get convinced by me”. Till then he will keep working with you on your essay. In some cases the essays got to final version in 3-4 drafts but I have some essays which took 10 drafts !! But not once did Paul say a yes to a sub-optimal version. This was also the part that made my experience with Paul ‘Enjoyable’. MBA applications are very stressful and the last thing you want is a consultant who pushes you or does not listen to you.
Strong on structuring – paul has a good logical way of thinking and is not just ghost writer. Being an ex-management consultant myself I was impressed by that. He would always think about the flow of the essay which is very easily lost when you trying to fit everything you have in your mind in 500 words.
Great writing skills – this might not be relevant to many but was very important for me. Paul was very helpful is making my essays more tight and to the point. Also he was able to make them more ‘spicy’ which made it more readable from a readers point of view as compared to a bland version that I would typically send to him.
Interview help – this was an icing on the cake and way beyond my expectations. Paul discussed with me multiple questions for the interview and prepared me well. We spent hours discussing bullets points for different categories of questions and this surely made me super confident walking into the interview.
Net net – go ahead and hire him without any worries. You won’t regret it.

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