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Yes - school of my dreams

I was admitted into my dream school thanks to Tyler Cormney and MBAPrepSchool, read below for details! It’s a thorough / long review, but I hope it’s helpful to anyone doing research. PM me with any questions.

The MBA application process is excruciating and stressful, especially for re-applicants who are waitlisted and ultimately rejected.

During last year’s application process, I initially thought that both my application and essays were strong. After all, I had been invited to interview at my dream school and a couple of very close friends had also thought my essays were compelling. However, the eventual rejection signaled that I needed to go back to square one and objectively re-evaluate my application if I were serious about re-applying.

To start, I decided to reach out to friends who did not know me as well as my previous reviewers; I thought they would be more objective because their feedback would not be clouded by intimate knowledge of my background and story. Their feedback helped me realize my essays were not as strong as I had previously thought.

Despite the rejection, I remained enthusiastic about reapplying. The first time I applied, I was skeptical of the value provided by admissions consultants. I thought my undergraduate record, work experience, extracurriculars, and writing skills were adequate / strong. With an open mind, however, I started doing research on admissions consultants to see if I could benefit from their guidance.

Given that using an admissions consultant is a significant investment, I was extremely diligent with my research process. I contacted all the consultants reviewed on GC and eventually spoke on the phone with six of them. On each call, we covered a list of 15+ questions that I had. I also set up follow-up conversations with the front-runners with more questions. Eventually, I narrowed down my list to MBAPrepSchool / Tyler Cormney, MBA Mission, and SBC. As someone without finances to spare, I was still hesitant but there were two deciding factors:

1. An emphatic endorsement for Tyler by a mentor who I had worked with
2. Tyler’s answer to, “why are you in admissions consulting?”

I give Tyler and MBAPrepSchool my highest possible recommendation. Tyler was instrumental in pushing me to present an application that captured who I am.

The biggest advantage of working with Tyler is the personalized approach. He took the time to get to know me and understand my story. I felt he was invested in the outcome of the process as much as I was. The “care” factor is what I valued highly as a client.

In many ways, working with a consultant involved more work and hours than the first time I applied. The tools, tutorials, and (countless) videos on MBAPrepSchool helped me thoroughly understand my own story, strengths, weaknesses, and future goals. Yes, this was useful even as a re-applicant. While doing all this work, Tyler remained alongside, providing feedback as necessary. All my prep work also helped Tyler understand my story better. Initially, the amount of prep work required was actually perplexing because I already had a previous application and a set of essays. But I came to appreciate and understand the value of taking one step back, doing all of the MBAPrepSchool work, and trusting the process to take me two steps forward. All the prep work also opened my eyes to schools I had not previously considered.

Having followed the MBAPrepSchool curriculum, I had full awareness of the content pieces and stories to use for my resume and essays. Also, I was able to differentiate the qualities that were more important to one school vs. another, which helped me pick the appropriate stories for each set of essays.

Tyler’s feedback and the MBAPrepSchool videos were key in helping me understand how to position my stories in a memorable way. Sometimes, I thought my initial drafts were close to being “masterpieces” (just like last year, of course), but Tyler brought me back to reality and continuously pushed me to write better. In the end, I was confident in the essays and the application I prepared.

To top it off, MBAPrepSchool has video tutorials on acing your interview. In addition, Tyler’s mock interview and advice made me feel completely prepared to tackle this last step of the application process.

Another of Tyler’s strengths is his personality. He is sincere, honest, and encouraging. That combination and balance is hard to find, but much needed in someone who you’ll look to for advice through months of hard work.

I was admitted into my top choice (think H/S/W). Unlike last year, I actually felt the application I presented was the best I could regardless of the results. Before decisions even came out, I told one of my friends that I would have no regrets about my applications this year or my investment, I knew I had done my absolute best – that feeling of knowing I did everything within grasp is thanks to Tyler. If you are considering working with a consultant, Tyler is the absolute best in the business – 5 out of 5 stars.

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