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Working with Tyler was an amazing experience. I had applied to Business Schools on my own a couple of years before and the difference between working on my own and working with Tyler was night and day. Tyler helped me stay organized, inspired and motivated me and really helped me find those things about me that made me stand out and how to express them (in less than 1,000 words!).

Derrick Bolton said in an interview, when asked about his thoughts on admissions consultants, "'How can someone who doesn't know you help you be a more authentic version of yourself?' Some people probably can, if they're asking the right questions. There's a fine line. " Tyler walked that line perfectly, not helping me with ideas on what to write, but actually coaching me to discover what I should write about on my own. He took the time to get to know me, even read my previous application and gave me feedback, and actually helped me understand myself better and inspired me to write something truly authentic.

He helped me take my ideas to the next level through his creative critique, motivated me, and kept me from getting discouraged even after dozens of rewrites on certain essays. No matter what my pace was, Tyler stayed with me and kept me polishing and rewriting until my essays and my application were perfect.

The result was astounding. I got into all the schools I applied to and will be attending Stanford, my dream school. Friends and family who read my application felt it really stood out; after reading my essays, my friends' uncle even said he really would like to meet me. I could have never done it without Tyler, and I highly recommend him to anyone embarking on the daunting business school application process.

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