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I would encourage anyone who’s serious about earning an acceptance letter to a top-10 MBA program seek out Tyler’s consulting services. Before hiring Tyler, I interviewed other MBA admission consultants and quickly found Tyler’s approach to the application process, supported by MBAPrepSchool’s videos and useful tools, was the best fit for me – comprehensive, well structured, and logically thought-out. I had excellent resources to walk me through literally EVERY step of the application process.
Tyler’s contributions didn’t stop there. His background in creative writing helped me think critically about how to craft application essays that really brought my strengths to the surface while framing my story in a way that told a compelling story. With Tyler’s coaching, I produced applications that far exceeded what I could have produced on my own.
As an older (early 30’s), non-traditional applicant, the odds were certainly stacked against me but with Tyler’s assistance, I earned an acceptance letter to a Top-5 MBA program! I can’t recommend Tyler’s service enough, thanks Tyler!

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