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Working with Tyler was truly an exceptional experience and with his help, I was accepted into Harvard Business School! I expected top-notch service and was not disappointed from the pre to post-application process.

One of the things that exceeded my expectations was Tyler’s creativity and skill in helping me craft my essays. He was able to break down my essays and suggest ways to restructure them until the same story emerged in the best light possible. He was never satisfied with something that was “good enough”. In addition, Tyler was able to step back and look at my overall package to ensure the messaging remained true to me and consistent.

Another advantage of working with Tyler was having access to The MBA Prep School’s videos, e-book, and tools. These resources not only explained what to expect from each part of the application process, but also how to approach it and what action steps to take to stand out to the admissions committee. MBA Prep School’s website provided practical tips to approach recommenders, how to research schools, and what pitfalls to avoid. The supplemental exercises and worksheets allowed for an incredible self-discovery process, which helped me articulate who I am and my motivations. By having these tools at my disposal, I felt that it gave me both an edge and self-assurance as I went through the application process.

Overall, Tyler was both professional and knowledgeable, making this stressful application process as smooth as possible. Tyler customizes his services to you and your needs, not just another template-type consulting process. He helped me transform from a strong candidate into a compelling one. Just as he told me when we first started, he was not just my consultant, but a guide, coach, career counselor, and cheerleader – and that held true. I couldn’t have done this without him!

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