March 03, 2014

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Tyler Cormney - the best of the very best!

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Tyler Cormney, the co-founder of MBA Prep School, is absolutely amazing, the best of the very best! No words can really describe how thrilled I am about our work together and the awesome results, but I will do my best. Not only did I get into the school of my dreams (and others I applied to), but also learned a lot about myself and what future life- and career choices I should pursue.

Coming from a finance background, and with some considerable weaknesses in profile, I knew I was up for an intense competition but wanted to get into a top program (think Harvard/Stanford/Wharton). Given my age and professional category, I didn’t want to leave anything to chance or have a single regret. For this, I needed THE best MBA admissions consultant, who would work as hard as I would and help me create absolutely rock-star applications. You have to have full confidence in your admissions consultant and in entrusting your fate in this process in her- or his hands. You can’t compromise on quality here – the process is just so competitive. You need someone who is as invested as you are in your success.

I first came across Tyler Cormney, and MBA Prep School while doing a thorough diligence and speaking to several consultants. His application philosophy, and the organized and comprehensive MBA Prep School application process, appealed to me a lot. Most of the consultants out there looked good on paper, and sounded encouraging. However, among all of them, Tyler really stood out by his unique background in both business (incl. Harvard Business School MBA) and creative writing training. Excellent track record and reviews written by his former clients, and a great impression from our introductory conversation (where he shared valuable insights and we connected on an interpersonal level), ultimately convinced me to embark on my “MBA application journey” with him. I signed on for a multi-school comprehensive package. This was the single best decision I made in the MBA application process!

As said, I had (very) high expectations, which Tyler instantly started exceeding. We spent weeks doing an extremely organized and comprehensive review of my background (in line with MBA Prep School methodology) and designing application strategy, which produced stunning material for the “real fun” later – essays, application forms, supporting recommenders, and interviews. Right away, I saw that I made a great choice. Tyler was extraordinarily responsive (still don’t know how he manages to turn stuff around and answer emails so quickly and so thoroughly!). He drew exactly the right information from me – often stuff I would not have considered important, but through his creative and experienced eyes, he saw how the dots connected into something powerful. From an “ocean” of content, step by step, week after week, we described the real “me” at my very best. It was completely personalized – nothing “cookie cutter” or “fitting into a template.” He got to know me inside out, remembered everything, pointed to connections and themes I didn’t see myself, and in the end I knew what my “story” had to be.

It quickly turned out Tyler is not (just) an “MBA admissions consultant,” or advisor. Tyler became way more than this – a confidante, a strategist, and really a friend. He was there to help on anything, and no matter what – incl. GMAT strategy and answering my last-minute frenetic emails at light’s speed. Already at that stage the Skype calls we had and emails we exchanged counted probably in hundreds, and their content could fill a new thick novel or memoir on MBA applications. Tyler keeps you on track with timing and process, sends emails reminding of upcoming deadlines, and I can’t even count how many times he “rescued” me by squeezing rush (and voluminous) work in his schedule to save. Whenever I needed something extra, he was there to help by making personal sacrifices and squeezing work into my mad schedule and deadlines. In fact, he over delivers both on timing and on quality. Working with him, you’re fully confident you’re with the best pilot and on a seat in the “private jet.” And I really, really admire his superhuman patience, kindness, and authentic friendliness!

What happened once we started work on the actual applications was simply a masterpiece. I had read reviews from excited clients about Tyler’s creative writing knowledge, and what I experienced first-hand was way greater than I had even expected. Having survived MANY revisions of outlines and “first drafts” (again – immense kudos to his incredible patience; you can tell by reading this review that I like to say it all...), we started producing applications, which evolved from decent in my first draft to extraordinary (after Tyler’s editorial suggestions and our countless Skype discussions). Whenever I thought my work was already great, and felt satisfied, Tyler proved it could be taken to the “next level.” When I opened a file coming back from him, I couldn’t help but say “woooow.” We never stopped until it was all perfect. And this applies to absolutely all items of my MBA application – essays, data forms, resume, guidance for my recommenders’, and absolutely every, tiniest detail. Upon submission, my applications were holistic, school-specific (Tyler knows the nuanced differences between schools) and presented an authentic 3-dimensional picture that I felt very proud of. At the interview stage, his help was just as fantastic, and the preparation equally brilliant. The call(s) from AdCom saying I was accepted are the ultimate proof!

It’s not only the quality Tyler guarantees, and the outstanding output which results from working with him, that makes him so special. It’s also the attitude, and the 1000% dedication in client’s success, like it was his own. It is my biggest pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend Tyler Cormney and want to say with total confidence that however gruelling the MBA application process might be, embarking on it with him makes it a completely different experience – to the point you can even enjoy it (I’m not joking). I’m heading to the business school of my many-year-long dreams, filled with joy and knowing it is due to TYLER that it happened.

THANK YOU TYLER, you are the best!!

- Top-3 MBA, class of 2016

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