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A fantastic experience and a great investment

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I worked with Tyler Cormney on four separate school applications to top-5 programs. I was admitted into two schools, both of which offered scholarships, and I have no doubt that Tyler's understanding of the nuances of business school admissions was what earned me those scholarships. For starters, I consider Tyler's services one of the greatest investments I have ever made.

However, I gained much more from working with Tyler than admission and scholarship money. Tyler is exceptionally sharp, and one of his most valuable abilities is to piece together experiences that you share with him to paint a complete picture. He is so good at doing this that I can almost guarantee that you will learn something about yourself by working with Tyler that you didn't know before. Maybe you hadn't connected the dots, maybe you hadn't thought about your own experiences from someone else's perspective, or maybe you had forgotten things. Tyler helped me perform a performance review of my life, and I emerged much more knowledgeable about who I am and what I am good at. This is the real goldmine that will help take me where I want to go. Admittance is only the beginning.

I have already recommended Tyler to several friends, and I urge everyone to consider hiring Tyler. The service could pay for itself many times over, and you will emerge from the experience more knowledgeable about yourself.

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