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Unequivocally Recommend Chris Aitken & MBA Prep School


If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Chris Aitken during your MBA application process, I unequivocally and wholeheartedly recommend you do so. Working with Chris was one of the most transformational experiences I've gone through thus far in my life. Not only did our time together end in my eventual acceptance to my dream school, Stanford, but also I've emerged the other end more confident, more directed in my career, and better equipped to take full advantage of the opportunities that will be available to me when I matriculate this fall.

I reached out to Chris in February as a hopeful Round 1 applicant. At that point, I had yet to take the GMAT and was only a few years out of college. I was also well aware that, as someone with no GMAT score to benchmark from, vaguely defined career goals, limited work experience, and relatively lackluster post-college extracurricular activities, my dream of attending Stanford rightfully seemed preposterous. And that is exactly what many other consultants told me.

But not Chris. While he was always realistic about my chances and never gave me false hope, when I told him I believed I could achieve this, at no point did he doubt or discourage me. Even come July when I started questioning my candidacy, Chris supported me not with lofty words, but with practical, insightful advice that helped me grow and gain the confidence I needed to continue forward.

Chris is the kind of consultant who truly cares about the individuals he works with. Yes, he has all the qualities that may seem obvious to look for -- he never worries about the amount of time you spend working together, turns around strategic guidance and essay suggestions inconceivably fast, and truly knows how to help you craft your best application while remaining true to your unique voice and story. But Chris is so much more than just a consultant. He is a true friend who continues to give me guidance long after my Stanford deposit has been submitted. He sends me articles that he thinks I will find interesting, invites me to lunch when I'm in town, and continues to give his insightful perspective into my career choices. He is truly invested in the outcome of my life, and not just my applications. I feel fortunate to have him in my corner.

For those of you just beginning the MBA application process, I am jealous of the transformational journey you have ahead. I sincerely believe that Chris Aitken and the MBA Prep School team are the best possible people to take that journey with. They not only helped me reach my MBA goals, but also helped me unlock my true potential. I am forever grateful for their support and cannot recommend them enough.

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