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TL;DR - Christina is the ultimate Mentor, Coach, Confidant and Friend

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Friend, mentor, confidant, coach—these are all nouns that describe Christina, and the ordering is intentional.

Coming from an overrepresented applicant pool (white/male/finance w/ a non-target undergrad -> banking -> PE resume), I was very nervous about my chances of getting into a top-5 MBA program. After talking with multiple potential consultants and hearing a similar spiel from each, I had no clear sense of my candidacy, and worse, no idea who could actually help me navigate this process. Enter Christina.

During our hour-long intro call, Christina showed genuine interest in my candidacy by asking specific questions about my accomplishments, career decisions, and life experiences that have shaped my world view. She listened to my story, highlighted the obstacles I would need to overcome without holding back (seriously, be careful what you wish for…), and outlined concrete steps that I would need to take to achieve my goals. From the start, she admitted that she is not the gatekeeper to these programs, but instead showed that she is an invaluable guide who understands the ins-and-outs of the MBA process, knows the nuances of specific programs, and mentors clients to maximize their applications. She also demonstrated her dedication to her clients by staying on our call well over our allotted 30 minutes, making sure to fully answer all of my questions and asking her own to understand my level of commitment to the process.

When our working relationship formally kicked off, I was overwhelmed by Christina’s devotion to my candidacy (and I don’t use devotion hyperbolically). A perfectionist at heart, Christina leaves nothing to chance, and in return, she expects the same level of dedication from her clients. During our time together, she pushed me beyond my expectations. Our working calls often lasted 3+ hours, and not because of a lack of efficiency, but instead because Christina continuously challenged me to unearth meaningful anecdotes that showcase my individuality and refine my stories from a lump of coal into a shining diamond. Beyond her storytelling mastery—which I would put toe-to-toe with that of any other consultant—she motivated me to improve my GMAT score, take on additional leadership roles in my community and at work, and develop career goals that were truthful and meaningful to me. She also worked expeditiously to set deadlines for me (a task I sorely needed) and to return feedback promptly—while she always delivered on her promised deadlines, I need two hands to count the number of times I was late with delivering work (sorry, Christina!).

It’s been nine months since WE (Christina will indoctrinate you to the use of collective pronouns…) kicked off our working relationship, and upon reflection, I don’t know what I did to deserve such wonderful support. I was accepted into my top choice—an M7 and top-5 globally ranked program—with a full tuition scholarship (an ROI of over 15x for those financially-inclined). Additionally, I received over $250,000 in scholarship awards across my admitted schools, which I completely credit to Christina’s guidance. Even more meaningful than the scholarships and acceptance letters though, I feel that I’ve gained a lifelong friend. Christina genuinely cares about all of her clients, and she shares in the pain of rejections and the elation of acceptances. She is both the ultimate coach, pushing you when laziness or fatigue creeps in, and hype woman, picking you up whenever the weight of the application process becomes too cumbersome. For those committed to maximizing their candidacy, you will not find a better consultant!

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