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Consultant: Phillip Herring

When I started planning for my MBA applications I knew I had lot to offer but I also knew that I wasn't really good at talking about myself, which is what admission essays are all about. So I consulted mbaAdmissions and Admissionado. My consultation with mbaAdmissions was disappointing. The mbaAdmissions consultant timed the entire converstation and didn't followup with me regarding our conversation until few days later. The experience made me feel that mbaAdmissions was too busy for my business and left me with a bad taste.

My next consultation was with Admissionado and it was completely opposite to what I had experienced with mbaAdmissions. Admissionado stayed on the call as long as it was needed to answer all my questions. The consultant also followed up right away the next day. I later found out that the consultant was actually on a vacation when he talked to me. I was extremely impressed with Admissionado team members and with their diligence in helping their clients (even on their day off!).

As I mentioned before, my schedule was always extremely busy. By the time I balanced work and took my gmats I had limited amount of time to get my essays done. Admissionado worked closely with me to not only help me tell the right story through my essays but they also helped me get them done in a timely manner.

At one point I misread the essay instructions on the application and ended up being short of one essay. Since the application deadline at that time was only one week away, I started to panic. Admissionado really pulled through for me in that situation. The team helped me get everything done with the same level of high quality.

The feedback on the essays were fantastic! They dug deep and asked some great questions allowing me to paint a detailed picture for the adcom. Needless to say the process also allowed me to learn a bit more about myself. English is my second language. Admissionado helped not only shape the content of the essays but also with how the story should be told. Best of all.. Admissionado made the stressful process of applying to MBA school a lot of fun!! The team was extremely approachable, helpful, and lot of fun to work with!

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