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My experience with e-GMAT QLP course


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Course e-GMAT Online 360

Instructor Saquib Hasnain

Location Online

I started thinking about preparing for GMAT in Mid 2017. So the first question came into mind was which GMAT prep course to choose? I had few criteria, My work schedule is office from 9 am to 6 pm and I am married and I have a 16 months old toddler. So with all these responsibilities I didn’t want to go for a class room course and decided to go for an Online course. Online course gives flexibility and saves us the time of commute. I went through the reviews of various GMAT prep courses and then decided I would first try self study. I started with the MGMAT quant books. I couldn’t sit through for long hours and concluded that video lessons are best for me and again going through all the course review, I selected e-GMAT Quant Live Prep, because it has good reviews and economical also. Now after completing the course, I became very comfortable with the quant section. The course is well structured into sections, the videos lessons are broken into small concepts with short videos so that you don’t get bored or tired. The application quizzes guide you well on how to approach respective question types. The have section wise quizzes from OG also, so you can keep track of your performance in OG questions. The live sessions are very good for further clarity on the process to follow for each type of questions. You can ask doubts in live sessions as well as in the forums on e-GMAT. The scholaranium is a very good tool to work on your weaknesses and keep track of your performances. You don’t need to worry about keeping a separate error log. The scholaranium keeps track of errors and you can put your notes about each question while doing review. I highly recommend e-GMAT course to anyone, no matter what stage you are in your GMAT prep. It is an excellent all round package. They have some of their concept files and couple of live sessions for free, so you can try before deciding.

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