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I am a hard believer of outsourcing things, because if you have experts in the market who can provide products with 10X quality and in 1/10th of your time, it make sense to buy the product (if it's affordable to you), rather than labouring yourself. When I appeared for my first mock test on and scored 620, I very well understood that I need to get some GMAT course, which can help me fairly improve my score. Then came the question of which product to buy, and so, I did an extensive research by attending webinars, taking demo classes, talking to peers and senior and also reading reviews and feedback on online platforms, and through this I came to know that egmat is the answer to my quest

As soon as I got my login credentials to egmat, I was really happy to see that egmat helps you prepare a detailed timeline of how your preparation should go for a particular score improvement that you are looking at. And trust me, planning is important, as 'failing to plan, is planning to fail'. I spend a day at planning my course with the help of egmat, and ensured that I made a holistic and flexible plan, which is executable by humans.

I started my preparation and delved directly into the SC portion of the Verbal module (this was my weakest zone and I wanted to face my fear first). The course of egmat is so well structured and scientifically designed that it will hand-hold you right from understanding the basics of a concept to solving 750 level questions. The whole egmat course is so designed that you first have a pre quiz, then the actual concept and finally the post quiz. The post quiz checks how well you have understood the concept and if there are still any gaps, you are asked to revise the concept. So, egmat does not allow you any escape gates, and you leave one concept, only when you have cemented the fundamentals of it. The step wise step guide which you are taught to solve a verbal question is foolproof and as you practice more and more questions in the Scholaranium, you will start seeing a massive increase in your pace.

I also had certain gaps in my quants section, specially the data insufficiency questions and wanted to fill those gaps surgically. I quickly steered through all the concepts in quants and delved into the Scholaranium for practising questions. And trust me on this, Scholaranium is the Bible for you. You don't need any other material, if you have practised all the questions in Scholaranium. The Scholaranium 2.0 is designed to incorporate all the OG questions as well as gives you the flexibility to chose the type of questions you want to pratice, so that the gaps can be plugged surgically, and you don't waste a lot of time unnecessarily.

Finally, just before the D-Day, I just revised the summary PDFs which I got at the end of every concept and then I was exam ready. So, if your concepts are cemented and you have practised a substantial number of questions, you can ace the GMAT exam without feeling the pressure in the centre. This is how egmat helped me and I wanted you guys to know that it was bang for my buck.

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