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e-gmat review


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Course e-GMAT Online Focused

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You can find my detailed debrief at the following location.

This review if for e-gmat Verbal Online course only.
I found the course to be very helpful. As mentioned in my debrief I was stuck between 30-37 in Verbal score most of the times. After doing the course once and revising it once, I consistently managed to score above 40. I think the folks at e-gmat have managed to drill down the required essence of English grammar necessary for GMAT and developed a good approach for every problem type. I did not join any other course so I cannot compare it with any other course, but in itself, I feel the e-gmat course, if followed diligently, is worth very dollar or rupee spent on it.

1) The course gives a very good approach for every problem type. If you are in the course, learn the 'strategy' of the problem first and then the specifics. For e.g. in SC, it is understanding the meaning, in RC, it is developing an interest in the passage and so on. The course will not delve much on basics of grammar like gerunds and what not, and I think atleast for the GMAT prep that is not such a bad thing.
2) The course is cheap. It is easy to spend 1000s for dollars in GMAT prep and for some it might be required. But e-gmat is 1/10th the cost and you can get deals occasionally. The GMAT club tests which come with it are a bonus and so is the IR section. The GMAT club quant tests are really good.
3) The interactive medium of videos is very good. It does not make the course boring. Also the various exercises and problems after every course are good.
4) The free seminars on multiple topics are beneficial. At my location, the seminars started Sat or Sun 7am and it became a habit for me to get up for them and study. Some of them may go long and feel repetitive but nevertheless ultimately keep you in touch with the material. The verbal workshop helped me compare myself with other students (since I was not in the Verbal Live course).
5) Scholaranium - good tool to get a quick evaluation of oneself. Although I did not use this as much as I could have (since I ran out of time), it is helpful if you are stressed about a particular topic.

There are few things that can be improved.
1) Forums - Sadly, I think the forums on e-gmat need work. The forum is not interactive (members cannot reply to each other) and I never got good help from the experts. The answers were slow (2-3 days which is understandable given the volume) and not real answers but questions to test understanding. This is good but by that time I had already moved on to next topic. GMAT club is most useful in this regard. If the question is a general one, just google the whole sentence and gmatclub comes usually in top 5 links with detailed discussions.
2) IR section - This section is really bonus with Verbal course but I think e-gmat (and pretty much most GMAT coaching centers) need to work on improving IR. The current IR course is good but it does not have the same rigor and focus on strategy like Verbal in my opinion. It seems most admissions consultants now give great importance to IR scores and it will help both e-gmat and students to have a full-fledged course on IR.

So thats it from my side. Hope this review is helpful and if you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Good luck!

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