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Great course, Fabulous scholaranium and Amazing support


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My GMAT journey has been super long. I purchased my first set of GMAT resources in 2018 but struggled to prep with my job.

In March 2020, I purchased Egmat on the recommendation of a friend and I can guarantee that it was the best decision I made especially when it comes to Verbal!

The Verbal SC course is very well structured. The Meaning based approach though looks simple is very profound. I came across the other common approach - Splits approach - which many coaching institutes and courses teach. But I found EGMAT's approach much better. The RC and CR courses are very well structured too. The animations help register the concepts really well.

On the Quant side, one thing that I found extremely unique on EGMAT is the concept of "Process Skills." They have bucketed the processes we do while solving any Quant problem. This really helped me during my optimization phase.

Coming to Scholaranium - this I can say is THE most amazing part of the whole EGMAT platform. After a long journey trying many resources for practicing questions, I had to come one full circle back to EGMAT because of their amazing SCHOLARANIUM 2.0. It gave me clear insights about my weak areas and that helped me bump up my score

The support from EGMAT team is great. I reached out to DJ that I have my gmat in 10 days and he helped me with a clear specific plan of what to do. The plan was detailed to the level of what specific sections of the course I should be revisiting. I didn't have to think much and just execute. Overall it has been a phenomenal experience!!

PS: While I took GMAT online, I am not sure if that is the best option. I had a really bad experience because on my IR section there was a bug. The proctor had no clue and kept time running. And I lost 8-9 min out of 30 min. GMAT club has many other similar horror stories. So just take that into account. What I hear from few folks is that if you use a wired connection instead of wifi, the experience is better - but am not sure how does that cause/not cause a bug!

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