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This review is for: e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep
Location: Online
Taught by: Krishna Chaitanya

I wrote the GMAT on 16th of July and scored a 640 QA 48 V30.

I decided to focus on VA completely. After going through a lot of good reviews, I joined the e-GMAT verbal live prep course with their 4 point improvement guarantee.

The e-GMAT adopts unique strategies to approach SC,CR and RC type questions. My rating of their courses will be SC=CR>RC

The SC course is awesome. The number of questions which can be solved correctly by understanding the meaning of the sentence is inspiring. MEANING+IDENTIFY ERRORS+ELIMINATION is the forte of the SC course.

Same goes with CR. Pre-thinking is another concept which has helped me improve in CR .The course emphasizes the importance of understanding the logical structure and how the conclusion is reached upon and then prethinking before going to the answer choices. This saves a lot of time indeed.

I haven't gone through the RC course completely but it is in similar lines to RC - ie understanding of passage/authors tone/paragraph summary before going to questions.

I have been able to drastically improve my SC scores in mocks after going through the course.

SC skills are helpful in CR and RC and hence overall VA score improvement.

The live sessions are also very comprehensive and analytical.

I would like to recommend the course to anyone who is not able to improve his score in VA from 27-30 to 34-36 or even more.

I will take my GMAT in the next 1-2 months and am hoping to apply the techniques I learned in here...!

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