January 30, 2018

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Great culture and unique opportunities


This review is for Emory Goizueta

Program Full Time MBA

Class of 2019

Experience during the program

The small class size creates a very intimate and collaborative culture in the program, with everybody knowing all their classmates, including candidates from senior batches as well as other MBA programs like 1-yr MBA and MSBA. Alumni is always helpful when reached out to, and 2nd years provide a lot of help in career coaching and counselling. Most of the faculty is really good with some outstanding faculty present as well. The IMPACT program is a unique and interesting takeaway. It coaches students on a lot of aspects of "Day 1 readiness". It is especially helpful for those aspiring to become consultants and bankers, but also to everyone in general. The 2nd part of the program involves a real-world client project, which lets students get their hands dirty and experience the real world situations in business.
Excellent opportunities and resources are available- including the library. It's upto the students to make maximum use of these resources. Overall, a very strong program with a lot of students opting for the consulting, banking, general management, and marketing sectors for jobs.

About professors, classes and curriculum

Some of the must attend classes:
Economics- Prof. Ray Hill
Finance- Prof. J.B. Kurish
Global macroeconomics- Prof. Jeff Rosensweig
Marketing- Prof. Ryan Hamilton

About job placement process

For international students- Job opportunities for internationals are falling at an alarming pace, with most companies not sponsoring H1Bs anymore. It's a difficult situation as the total number of options available is only 20% of that available to the domestic students. It's getting increasingly difficult to find firms that sponsor. (

Overall BSchool experience (4.0)
Schools contribution (4.0)
Classmates rating (5.0)

Strengths of the program:

Student body, diversity
Culture & Student Support
Specialization in a particular area (e.g. Finance, Consulting, Healthcare, etc)

Best fit at this program:

Investment Banking

Can be improved:

Alumni Network
Career opportunities provided by school

February 02, 2018


while I agree about recruitment for internationals, I find the school is doing well according to the employment report of 2017. There is 93% accepted offers and 94% received offer. So there are still many internationals recruited this year.

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