January 12, 2015

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A quick note about my background - I was 25 when I applied to b-schools, my undergraduate GPA was a 3.94 from Villanova, and I scored a modest 680 on the GMAT. I decided to apply to b-schools in November of 2012 and reached out to Amerasia for guidance given the short amount of time I had to submit my applications (I applied to five schools round three in the spring of 2013). It was absolutely the best decision I made in the application process. Columbia was my top choice, and Adam Hoff offered to work with me given his expertise on this program.

Adam was truly fantastic! I will never forget our first phone call. I had spoken with a few consultants at other companies before Adam, and most of them made me feel that my profile was inadequate and discouraged me from trying to apply to my programs of choice with so little time. Adam was a refreshing and inspiring breath of fresh air! He got me excited about the application process and the journey I was about to start. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the schools I was interested in and immediately shared some of his insider info (before talking about prices and contracts for his services). He focused on the positive aspects of my profile, and discussed the realities of my situation in a kind way. Our first chat was almost an hour long and he really got to know me as a person. I knew without question that I wanted Adam as my partner and champion in this process.

Adam's essay guidance was invaluable. His school-specific essay guides provided a strong starting point, and through various iterations of my essays, he helped me to present my story in a very structured and compelling way. Adam has an impeccable eye for detail and was extremely timely in his review of my drafts. Never once did I feel that Adam tried to change my voice, but rather offered grounded advice that helped me to make a much stronger connection between my background, the programs I was applying to, and my career aspirations. I thank him for helping me to bring my stories to life!

Adam also helped me to completely revamp my resume for the better, and coached me through the entire interview and decision making processes. I wasn't accepted to Columbia, but I was lucky to decide between Booth, Darden and NYU. In addition to offering his own, deep insight on each program, Adam personally connected me with MBA students that he knew at each school to help me make my decision.

Throughout the entire process I felt that Adam was my ultimate champion - his positive enthusiasm was contagious and energized me during moments of self doubt, and I doubt his professionalism and expertise can be matched. I am sincerely grateful for all that he did to help me achieve success and would recommend him and Amerasia one hundred times over!

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