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The best Quant. test in the GMAT world


GMAT Club tests are simply the best.I think that GMATClub Quant is the closest to the actual GMAT questions in style and content.There are few odd questions in the bank but those can be ignored.
The questions are elegant and some of the solutions are even more elegant.
I opted for the GMATClub tests because the price is reasonable and one can trade the Kudos for access.

1. High quality Quant.
2. Covers all concepts and areas
3. Not expensive
4. Elegant and short solutions for quant. problems
5. Mimic the style and solution of actual GMAT Quant. questions
6. Questions of all difficulty level are included in CATs.
7. Excellent analytic tools

Cons/Improvements/ suggestions

1.Verbal tests are not of great quality
2. The quant. questions are not equally divided between DS and PS.
3. More quant. questions should be included in the DS
4.The Quizzes and the CATs share the same question pool and hence the average time per question of all users is slightly skewed to the higher side.
5.It would be a good idea if an option is provided for showing time taken per question along with overall time taken when taking CATs.Though such feature is not available on the actual GMAT :) .

Overall GMATClub tests are fantastic and kudos to bb and bunnel for putting these up for practice.

As far the scoring is considered, only GMATClub scored me 690 and that was actual GMAT score :)

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