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Club Tests bring in the best of you


First leg of preparation:
When I started my preparation for GMAT, I never new about gmat club and any of its products. I prepared with all book materials and scored a 460 in Gmat prep exam. My quant score was in 30's and verbal score was below 20. I used all the standardized book materials such as Manhattan, Princeton etc. I was never able to practice gmat like questions. It seemed very much different from the gmat exam questions and the questions from these materials.

Second Leg of Preparation:
I came to know about about gmat club through one of my colleague. The best thing I would suggest anyone is to prepare GMAT by interacting with various peers. This dint happen to me in the first leg of preparation. But after subscribing to gmat club I was able to interact with many peers around the globe. On the practice part I would again insist to enroll in standardized tests which would accurately measure your progress and lay foundation for Mock exams.
This further kindled me to enroll to GMAT club tests.

GMAT Club Tests:
They provide a large number of quant tests which is highest in all. Quant questions are very standardized and they make you work hard for the answers. I believe some of the questions are prepared by Bunnel (a Math Genius). If anyone could follow his posts and materials, it would give all the ground work need for the club tests.
The verbal tests are also as standard as the quant one but I would rate the Quant more than the Verbal. These tests actually bring in the best of you. The level of the questions exactly match the ones in GMAT prep and GMAT exams.

I used these tests to improve my Mock test scores. Finally I was able to improve my score from 460 to 570. My quant score improved from 32 to 42 and Verbal score improved from 19 to 26. While this might not be a good score amidst the 700+ scorers in gmat club, I value this as a good improvement. I am still in preparation mode with an aim to score 700. I am sure I will get it one day.
I wish to thanks BB and gmat club for their product. Without Gmat club test I could not have come this far.
This is not a debrief but a review of GMAT club tests. I would definitely would post a debrief after coming to the 700+ league.

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