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GMAT Club Tests Review


I have been preparing for GMAT for quite sometime now and recently started taking the GMAT Club tests. Needless to say, the quant tests are very much on the GMAT format. Despite not being adaptive they are still close predictor of your level on the GMAT. because of the following reasons:
1. A mix of questions from all levels -500, 600 and 700 like the GMAT
2. More heavy on the 700 side in terms of applications to prepare you for the worst to come on the exam

These questions have been very thoughtfully crafted and they tend to check the clarity of concepts in a disguised manner which exposes the test taker to their weaknesses.
The fact that Bunuel has given the explanation for each and every question makes it a delight to study and see how a tough looking question can be tackled with such simplicity. So I would give the quant tests a 10/10.

Issues: For the quant section, the only issue I faced is when i switch to study mode from test taking mode a pop up keeps coming after sometime and doesn't allow me to complete the test in study mode.

Verbal: Since the quant tests have set such a high standard the verbal tests were a disappointment for me. One of the reasons can be, there is no dedicated resource like Bunuel for the verbal section. I took 2 verbal tests and found that a lot of explanations were not clear enough and when people did ask queries, they were not answered. Also, I felt the questions in verbal section were not very much GMAT like. Some of them were even ambiguous in terms of what they were asking or trying to imply. So, I feel there is a lot of scope for improvement there.

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