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GMAT Club Test- Great for Quant, not so great for Verbal


I took the GMAT and scored a 47 in Quant. I turned to GMAT Club Tests to improve my score. The GMAT Club Quant tests are a great resource for Quant. I found the tests were more difficult in that I faced more number of difficult questions thrown at me. Just the sheer number of questions they give for practice should be a strong enough a reason for you to take these test. By the time you take up all the 26 test you will end up being a pro in Quant! So don't get demotivated if you find the tests to be difficult. I think that since they are more difficult they help you in pushing your limits and when you write the real GMAT you will find that one to be much easier and this is what happened with me. I scored a 50! And I couldn't have achieved it without the GMAT Club Quant test!
As for Verbal, I found the tests to be good but not great. I found that the explanations provided for the answers for a few questions very questionable and vague. They might not be the best material for Verbal but they are good enough for practice. They may not give 26 tests for Verbal, but they do give 9 which still more than what anyone else gives.
Bottom-line go for it! :D

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