July 14, 2016

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Gmat Club Tets


GMAT Club test are a must for the quant prep.
To get 49-50 one must give give these examsOne should validate their performance by the number of correct attempts. The analytics part of the exam is really good

1. Excellent source for targeted practice (by difficulty level or by topic/sub-topic).
2. Useful to review questions that you got incorrect or spent too much time on.
3. Ability to select just quant or verbal separately to evaluate if you manage your time well for 37 or 41 questions in 1 practice session.
4. Ability to select number of questions in a given practice session, timed/untimed.
5. Interface is very similar to what you will get in actual GMAT. This familiarity to the interface is a very important aspect of training yourself for the real thing.

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