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Nothing beats it!


If someone is genuinely looking for the review, I think he or she should find an answer now! GMAT CLub provides you a comprehensive pool of tests which not only cover each and every aspect of the so called syllabus but also let you spot your weak areas with their unmatched analytical tools. usually what happens is we finish various books but aren't confident about our score or preparation, tests serve the purpose to check our knowledge and to gauge us against the other aspirants. Gmat Club test apart from the handpicked questions to check your preparation also gauges you against a vast pool of people who have entrusted upon Gmat Club and scored high previously. talking about sections now

1. Quant: Gain first hand experience f you don't believe anyone by downloading the gmat club app. but if you want to know : Quant in Gmat Club test is the best source to prepare for actual Gmat. Not only the questions test your understanding but the solutions given are so detailed to stanch every concept you are missing. 5 star for QUANT from my side.

2. Verbal: this is somewhere Gmat club test needs improvement for which i will give it 3 stars. Well the paradox here is none preparation in Verbal can guarantee you 100% accuracy . at last only the official answer matters. where Gmat club fails is there is a lot of ambiguity in verbal and the questions authenticity is then doubted upon. But still I have seen some very good questions with explanations .

Overall I must say, every aspirant should definitely include GMat club test in his/her preparation to give a boost to his/her scores!

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