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An excellent source for Quants


The GMATclub tests are one of the best materials you will find for quants. I didn’t take it as tests. I used gmatclub test questions as quizzes to improve my skill level. Here is my take. Basically, the 500-level questions are straight forward ones. Mostly, you can just apply the formula and solve or little to do to crack the questions. The real practice starts from the 600-level and 700-level questions. The 600-level questions are a great pool of questions to practice through which you can learn tricks here and there to apply. But, the best part of tricky stuffs comes from the 700-level questions. These are simply God level quality questions. I got 95%+ accuracy in 500-level and 80%-85+% accuracy in 600-level questions. But, I was killed by 700-level questions. My accuracy got down to 50+% in those questions. But, I can confirm that each question at this level teaches some sort of new tricks and traps. The more the exposure, the better you are equipped for D-Day. Overall, a great source for practice and right now, I am ranging Q49 in GMATPrep. I have worked on 500+ questions on varying difficulty level and I am planning to do more to push myself to Q50+. I didn’t work verbal questions. Thanks!

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