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Holy Grail for Quant.


I have given 14 Quant test yet and till this point of my journey in GMATCLUB I have found that every test is in itself a challenge.
The test is so designed that one gets to clear the basic of Quant and also one will be able to master the concepts at the same time. I have gone through the explanation by Bunuel and they are simply awesome.
In case someone is not clear of the explanation, they can simply go through the expert comments which either explain the provided solution in detail or offer a different solution which increases the scope of your understanding.

The only issue I find in the tests is that the concentration of the questions are more on a similar topic in one particular test(I have given 14 quant test yet- 12 more to go). For example only 2 questions I have seen yet which comes as the angle between clock problem, and only one question yet which is based on the odd days in a leap year or normal year. If the test questions are distributed evenly then it would help aspirants to cover each topic just by giving the tests.

I will definitely recommend the Quant practise questions from GMATCLUB as I am solely dependent on this as the one and only source.

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