September 12, 2016

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The best way to Practice Quant!


Background: I have had consistent Q49 in all the other mock tests that I took. I was not able to break that roadblock.

Post GMAT Club Tests: I took GMAT Club quant tests and now I am able to break into Q50/Q51

What changed? : You just need to hit the right set of questions and GMAT Club tests ensures that. GMAT club tests offer extensive collection of great Quant questions (700+). The initial few tests I was able to get into Q49 but I made sure I go through the details of solutions provided by bunuel, and boy, there were many hidden shortcuts I never knew. After the 4th test I was able to see patterns and was able to come with a strategy for my weak sections.

Portal: The entire portal is very user friendly, especially the Quizzes part as you can easily choose to attack your weak sections. This will help a lot to those who want to achieve Q50/Q51 as they have some great bunch of Probability/P&C/Inequality questions.

Verbal Section? : Would recommend to do with the tests directly as the question bank is not as extensive as Quant's. (You loose out on great tests if you exhaust questions in Quizzes)

To sum it up, go for Quant Practice and Verbal Tests. Give at least 5 individual tests to see improvement.

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