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GMAT CLUB Test Review


GMAT Club Test QUANTS: There are around 1300 hundred questions in quant section with low, medium and high difficulty levels. These questions are one step above the Real GMAT questions. Questions comprises every concepts of questions tested in real GMAT. Most of the questions are above average difficulty levels. From every question, you will get something new. Most of the questions are not seen anywhere else and created very intelligently including small small tricks. The solutions given by Bunuel are brilliant and tests basic concepts.Also the discussions are very helpful.To score Quant 50 or 51, these tests are highly recommended.

Verbal: I have gone through the SC questions which are build on the GMAT concepts but real GMAT verbal questions are little different wordings which makes them little difficult. I have done some CR questions which look pretty much similar to real GMAT. The verbal tests have a scope for improvement.

The Interface is similar to the GMAT exams and works very well.

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