October 09, 2018

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Best Representation of GMAT


After a long GMAT study, I highly recommend every test taker to invest in GMAT Prep Collection, which should consist of Office Practice Exams 3-6 and a number of practice questions.

In the bundle, you can find GMAT-like problems, which is very limited; those questions are delicately designed to give students valuable insights and knowledge to excel in the actual test. My advice is to gradually study them and reflect on key learnings for every question you tackle.

Although mock exams from GMAC are the best representative of your actual score, it can deviate by +/- 30 points or more regardless.

November 12, 2018

I do not agree. In my opinion, office practice exams are completely different from the real test. I bought exams 3 & 4, scored Q50 on both, then I sat for the real test 2 days later and got Q41. Waste of money.

November 12, 2018

Hi Kaczet

Sorry to hear that you scored a Q41 on your GMAT exam, I am sure you will see an improvement next time around. Certainly, there are many factors at play in the real-life environment of the actual test; perhaps you can share with me more about your experience and your overall preparation of GMAT, thank you.

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