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Tel Aviv test center review
March 06 | 2012
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This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

The test center is located not far from a railroad station. Though it is a 20 minutes walk, talking a taxi should be better. It is easy to locate.

The test center itself is quite a small office, with some chairs and lockers to store your personal belongings. The restrooms are located outside the test center "office", a 10 meters walk.

The workers of the test center are pleasant and nice, and the identification process was fast and easy. The test room was quiet and chairs were comfortable.
The computer station was somewhat "packed" - the computer case is located on the table. horizontally, and the monitor is located on top of it. If you wish to move the keyboard aside, you have to position it in an uncomfortable way which takes from the space available to place your pens and papers.

As there are no other test centers in Israel, there isn't much choice.

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