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Excellent, easy to find. But there is no parking, go early to find a spot.

Facilities and restrooms
Everything clean and they have fresh water. However, they do not have lockers. They take your things and store them until the end of the exam. If you want something from your bag in the break you have to ask one of the supervisors to bring your bag, take what you want out, and ask the supervisor to store the bag again. You should not bring anything valuable because you don't know who may have easy access to your things and the test center is not responsible. In addition, make sure you get enough scratch paper before starting the test, because if you need more you would have to go upstairs, ask for a new one and then go again downstairs. That might mean at least 2 minutes. I don't take too many notes so it was more than enough for me.

Noise level
No noise from street. However, you can constantly hear people going up or down the stairs next to the room. The noise from other test takers next to you can be annoying too because the keyboards make a lot of noise when typing.

Here comes the big problem. When I took the exam there were two women. The younger one was friendly, but the other seemed very angry since the first minute I saw her. She was in an extremely bad mood. During the first break, because of her fault I lost 2 minutes in my Q section and had to start it arguing with her instead of relaxing and concentrating during the break. She didn't want to log me in because she told me she was not able to do it, and the other woman (the younger one) was talking on the phone and the old woman told me she could not be interrupt the young woman because the phone call was more important than my exam. After complaining A LOT the old woman finally went down the stairs telling me her user and password will probably not work. The user did work but it was already around 2 minutes late and I could not concentrate properly during the first half of the Q section.

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