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Seoul Pearson, it was okay
November 08 | 2012
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This review is for: * Pearson VUE GMAT Test Center
Location: Seoul, Korea

I rated three stars out of five. The test center was right next to city hall and i've learned it's the best location to tour seoul. However, I was for GMAT not for sightseeing. Loved the starbucks located conveniently at the first floor of the same building. I remember the test center was 6th floor.

The really really confusing part is the changed the building name recently(?) and even the locals didn't know the new name. Had to call the test center and starbucks helped me to find it. Find the closed starbucks if you are lost. The security of the test center was ridiculously strict. What is shocking for me is this is the only one, I am dead serious, test center available in Seoul, which is the second largest metropolitan city in the world. Come on, and the only test center was so small that would only fit around 15 people or so. No option in Korea, if you have to take it you should use this one, however it is not the best center for sure.

So here is the math, starting from average 3 +1 for location +1 for starbucks -1 for confusing building name -1 for not having restroom inside the center(gives you the idea how small the center is) so its 3 stars.

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